How To Synthesize 808-Style Kicks

Chris ofย ohdratdigitalย want to shred your subs, with this tutorial that looks at creating 808 style kicks that kick ass:

This week we’re looking at how to make a sound that’s never been unpopular, but is absolutely everywhere at the moment. Don’t rely on sample packs to create massive 808 style sub bass, do it yourself quickly and easily in a subtractive synth for an awesome sound!

If you’ve got your own way of synthesizing kicks, let us know!

13 thoughts on “How To Synthesize 808-Style Kicks

  1. this was a pretty good video, and is generally a good way to go about creating low/mid end drums. i might not be hearing it yet but i haven’t heard too much return of this sound in pop music.

  2. I wasn’t particularly impressed with this video even though the whole outcome wasn’t all that bad.

    My main gripes with this one were; why does nearly the half of the screen need to be constantly filled with someone talking and making gestures while its not unlikely that the audience is mainly interested in looking at the preset you’re making?

    Another thing which I considered rather odd was that Kong wasn’t being mentioned anywhere. Nothing wrong with using synths such as Analog or Thor for percussion sounds, but you know… Kong has its own share of synth modules too, both analog and modelling synths, which are fully aimed at percussion.

    Not saying its better perse, but for recreating existing percussion sounds? I’m kinda tempted to say its very likely the better tool for that job.

    1. I know that ohdratdigital are now offering online production courses, for sale of course, so that it explains the question as to why a percentage of the screen is taken up with the presenter’s face. it helps sells the viewer on the brand (and therefore helps them form an emotional connection with it…) if they have a face to connect with.

      as for not using Kong, well it’s a tutorial about using a regular synth to re-create 808 style kicks. Kong has a dedicated kick drum module so it wouldn’t be so relevant.

    2. I’ll always take reactions to our videos on board ShelLuser so thanks – personally I feel myself becoming disengaged with tutorial videos that have a phantom voiceover, and tend to prefer to see who’s talking to me – perhaps this is a personal preference. Of course, with a 1080p screen there’s a lot to fill, too – even with Subtractor blown up a fair bit!

      Also as Klown points out this is really a sound design tip so whilst I agree that using Kong or another drum synth is probably going to get you arguably more workable results it wasn’t quite what I was going for here ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. The video is about synth design fundamentals. He use the most famous basic synth known in the universe to make his point across so anyone using any DAW or synth. Virtual or hardware synth owner can follow and recreate the process.Thor is too complex visually for a simple basic lesson.

      God job.

      OT: now with all those Re devices I am back using this basic synth more and more.. Funny.

  3. To me what he made would be more suited as a tom, rather than a kick. Also, would have been better if his mic wasn’t picking up the loud sound of him hitting his keyboard which was mixing with the sound he was synthesizing and confusing things.

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