Audiobus Teaser – ‘This Just Worked’

Audiobus update: ‘This just worked”.

Audiobus – a system for routing audio between iOS apps – has been approved by Apple, and is now in testing with an initial round of developers. This is so there will be apps to use with it with when it is released.

Apps officially supporting Audiobus now includes:

  • SoundPrism Pro
  • Loopy
  • NLog Synth Pro
  • Animoog
  • Funkbox
  • BeatMaker 2

See our Audibus interviews for more details.

App list via reader Tim Webb.

18 thoughts on “Audiobus Teaser – ‘This Just Worked’

  1. I’m not so enthusiastic about it because I see a fundamental problem routing iPad apps audio into to each other.
    Say I route a synth into moog filtratron, I can only interact with one app at the time, which takes away all the fun, unless you trigger the synth app with some external controller, to allow tweaking filtratron with the iPad UI.

      1. No offense, but at some point we are better just using actual Windows ( or MacOS).
        Love my iPad, but have to be realistic about its limits…

        1. Sheesh..
          start to think of this as “streaming audio copy-paste”….better than the current copy-paste right ? right ?
          even this use is going to be very helpful and awesome
          then act pleasently surprised when you can do “stuff” to that audio before it gets recorded…fx in between !….thats sweet , right ?

          So its better than what we have today. It opens up different ways to build apps and collaborate. it will make a new breed of apps come up.
          All is good .

  2. What I’d like to know is, will you be able to use a midi controller from one synth to controll another? For example, would I be able to controll ims-20 with the animoog controller?

    Crucially, will I need to pay £3 for the midi-out function of animoog? Yikes!

    1. You can already do this, with virtual MIDI.

      I am also concerned about only being able to interact with one app at a time, as well as not really having a good way to keep a handle on what apps are currently running and being at the mercy of iOS making memory decisions for me.

  3. Oh boy here we go. The app isn’t even out yet and people are complaining about what it cant do rather than what they will do with it.

    Lets show some gratitude for the hard work and forward thinking of the developers. Its cool to give feedback but lets wait for the app to release before we start complaining. Personally i think this makes the IPad a much more suitable, exciting platform to write music on. Will it replace my DAW? Of course not. Am I seriously excited about writing more on my IPad? Yes!

  4. It’s going to kick ass, as long as my fave apps support it.. which given the reported developer interest, is a good probability. I think looper apps in particular are going to get very interesting.

    As for how many apps you can juggle at once on ios, well that’s down to the respective developers not Audiobus

    @Marc- just trigger your synths via midi or virtual midi (eg genome) and then you can tweak filtatron to your hearts content. It’s not a huge problem imo

  5. So when (if ever) will it be rereasd..?!
    Or will iOS interconnect be the one..?
    Personally I bet on Apple iOS 6 🙂
    Audiobus will never come, I’m afraid…

  6. The advantages are pretty simple to me. Instead of having to match up BPM, and do Audiocopy / Paste between apps, then start lining up tracks, I will be able to open up a multitrack recorder app, arm a track, fast-switch to ThumbJam or Molten or whatever, then trigger the recording through the instrument app and record away.

    Works for me!

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