Eigenharp Alpha Instrument Displays Twitter Messages While You Jam

Eigenharp guru  demonstrates how external messages can be sent via HTTP to the Eigenharp Alpha instrument. In this example, Bevin uses this capability to display his latest Twitter messages.

We’re not sure how useful displaying Twitter messages on musical instruments is – but it could be an interesting interactive performance option. And we’re pretty sure email support can’t be far behind. According to Zawinski’s Law of Software Envelopment, ‘Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail.’

Technical details on Bevin’s setup below.

via Geert Bevin:

For the past few days, I’ve been working on a new Illuminator agent for EigenD that gives you full control over the Eigenharp lights. There are two main ways of using the lights: fixed patterns and dynamic control. Fixed patterns can be stored in your setup and can be displayed at will. The dynamic control can either be done through messages inside the EigenD system or by sending external messages over HTTP to EigenD. These messages can either control individual lights or set bitmaps that will display directly on the keyboard. In this demo I show how tweets are scrolling over the Eigenharp Alpha’s neck even while I’m playing on it.

6 thoughts on “Eigenharp Alpha Instrument Displays Twitter Messages While You Jam

  1. OH yeah, the main thing I look for in music is the content of the musician’s Tweets. An empty and distracting use for a lovely instrument. A respectful nod to Geert or anyone who can tackle one, but this application steps away from the main point: how it SOUNDS. Too darned goofy.

  2. Other than the “oh wow factor” this could be a first step toward giving the audience some control over your instrument. What if instead of just text overlays they were changing the way the buttons respond during a performance. Could be some interesting interactive possibilities.

  3. I find it quite amusing how serious people react to this experiment. Of course this is just for fun and not essential to music playing, sound, expression, etc. That being said, Imogen Heap did walk on stage with messages scrolling around her body for the audience to see … and people love it. I do think that in the right hands it could be a nice tool for interaction with the audience.

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