TAL U-NO-LX Gets Update, Reduced Pricing

TAL has updated U-NO-LX – a virtual analog synth for Mac & Windows – to version 2:

This version includes an improved filter that is more accurate and warmer, especially at extreme values with a lot resonance. Old presets are compatible with this version. We released it as a new version that can run parallel to the old plugin. The chorus was callibrated too. This version includes some more non-linear components and needs a bit more CPU, but we think the improved sound is worth it. This update is free for all TAL-U-NO-LX users!

U-NO-LX is now priced at US $40. See the TAL site for audio demos and details.

7 thoughts on “TAL U-NO-LX Gets Update, Reduced Pricing

  1. If you’re in need of a good VST which can actually do what it claims to do then the TAL suite should be a no brainer. I’ve been a fan of their free VSTs for quite some time now and although I don’t like every VST they made I do think that in the overall there’s no denying that the TAL ‘suite’ as I like to call it (the collection of VSTs) provides a good bit of quality.

    I do recommend trying before buying though; the best way to be sure this is what you’re after.

    As for me… As much as I’d like to I already had my mind set on Reason’s Polar effect, so I’m skipping this one for now.

  2. If you like the Juno 106 sound then you have to get this. This is the most accurate VST recreation I’ve ever heard.
    I’ve owned several over the years but this nails it. Wonderful.

  3. What about the TYRELL N6 ?
    Maybe I’m wrong but that one is also close to the juno sound.
    It’s also free and sounds pretty good for a free one!
    Does anyone knows the TAL U -NO -LX sound is closer to the real stuff than the TYRELL N6?

  4. I feel bad. I’m broke at the moment, and will be for next year, at least, so I can’t buy something so redundant, like great emulation of synth I have.
    But U-No-60 was my main reason for buying Juno-60…

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