Camel Audio Releases Alchemy v1.5 – Here’s What’s New

Camel Audio has released Alchemy v1.5, a major update to its sample manipulation synthesizer.

Alchemy v1.5 iintroduces a fully-featured preset browser, over 1000 presets, faster loading times, improved remote control from the Alchemy iOS app and other enhancements.

Key Features:

  • Powerful New Browser – Over 4,000 previously-released Camel Audio presets have been carefully tagged by category, subcategory, genre, sound library, sound designer, articulation, and timbre. Finding favorites is a breeze — simply rate presets with a single click and then sort by rating. Users can add tags to make it easy to call up presets associated with a particular project or live set, and can also add comments to presets with playing tips or other notes.
  • Dedicated iOS Remote – Alchemy v1.5 with the latest update to Alchemy on iOS offers even smoother and more expressive remote control. Change preset, move the remix pad, and access performance controls — all without leaving the comfort of your controller keyboard. Previously the domain of multi-thousand dollar devices, polyphonic pitch bend is new to this update, and offers an amazingly expressive way of playing instruments — especially when combined with polyphonic aftertouch. Also users can now save desktop presets and all referenced WAVs in a single .CamelSounds file, making it easier to move sounds to the mobile version, or another PC.
  • Bigger and Better Bundles and 20% Off Alchemy – Alchemy Complete comprises Alchemy with all 24 sound libraries installed, including the newly-released Shlomo Beatbox. It now features over 14GB of samples and 4,000-plus presets, including 32,000 hand-crafted variations, all fully tagged for the new browser. The bundle is now priced at $785.00 USD/€649.00 EURO/£529.00 GBP — a 50% saving on buying the products separately. The Alchemy Atmospheric and Electronic bundles have also increased in size, each now offering 1,900 presets and over 6GB of samples for $399.00/€329.00/£269.00.

Alchemy itself is now bundled with 1,000 presets including a free sound library of choice, totalling a massive 5GB of exclusive samples. The v1.5 update is free to all existing users. New users can purchase Alchemy at 20% off till 15th October – just $199.00/€159.00/£143.00.

See the Camel Audio site for details.

7 thoughts on “Camel Audio Releases Alchemy v1.5 – Here’s What’s New

  1. The full version mostly duplicates functions I already have, but I own 4 of the Alchemy Player libraries, with an eye on a 5th. Its crashed exactly ONCE in about 3 years, otherwise being rock-steady. The variety of programmers puts it far above the pack for flexibility. I discarded a less capable synth, because this one covers so many bases. Another plus: they don’t upgrade constantly. This is a measured and useful revision. If I was just starting out or rebuilding a rig, this would be on the short list. Some synths lean more towards sound design, some towards being a player’s synth. This one can do both.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of the browser displaying presets that I don’t own, but could purchase from them. That would be annoying if you couldn’t turn it off.

    1. I disagree, as it takes a LOT of coding work to manage anything at all. If you use the instrument much at all, that browser will be a real time saver. Besides, they’re offering it at $50 off for a while and they offer good price breaks on the sound sets from time to time, which I applied to my last set. I get those as a registered user. Crakkers won’t. I have to defend their libraries and their right to profit for something of merit. They’re less expensive than quite a few we see. Between the variety and the odd way Alchemy seems to fit right into its own sonic slot, I find it gratifying to see how easy it is to tweak a sound for a given purpose. I have a special fondness for how its pad sounds seem to blend with my other gear like a sibling. Its hard to find a seriously bad synth anymore, but the better ones are golden. I make multiple safeties and you can bet my Alchemy sets are always among them.

  3. I actually own all the libraries and eveything. The new browser is a huge plus. It is much faster to sort through the huge amount of sounds. Between the factory stuff and the stuff I have created it is a welcome addition being able to actually find stuff relatively quickly.

    I still say Alchemy is hands down the absolute best sof synth out there and I own many.

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