The Crumar Multiman String Machine

This video offers an audio demo of the vintage Crumar Multiman (1975), a staple of seventies head music, trippy rock songs and Berlin School electronic musicians.

Hollow Sun notes:

Their pianos were fairly horrible it must be said sounding nothing like either a piano or even a Rhodes or Wurlitzer but their Organizer gave a pretty good account of itself as a Hammond subsitute.

However, their strings synths were exemplary and rivalled the sought after (and considerably more expensive) ARP String Ensemble.

  via AnalogAudio1:

In the first half of the video I played the Crumar Multiman dry, in the second half with a COMPACT PHASING “A” from Gerd Schulte Audio Elektronik. The Compact Phasing A is a German phaser, which was well known in the seventies (at least in Germany). Many units were sold, but it is rare and sought after today. It was used by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and others.

This Crumar Multiman is the first version (later came the Multiman S versions which are larger). It was produced in Italy. It has a string section, a brass section (with VCF controls and resonance) and a piano section. It is capable of nice layer sounds. A monophonic bass preset can be added.

7 thoughts on “The Crumar Multiman String Machine

  1. Fantastic. A string synth is a wonderful instrument. I still have an Organizer (T1) waiting for a thorough repair job but from what I’ve heard it’s really a nice transistor organ. Thumbs up for Crumar!

  2. Notice the terrible latency problem – half-a-second after the note changes, the performer has to move his fingers!

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