MacBeth Touch Capacitance Keyboard (Sneak Preview)

Macbeth Studio Systems Touch Capacitance Keyboard

Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Studio Systems has released this image and video demo of his prototypes for touch capacitance keyboard controllers.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

Here’s what MacBeth has to say about the video demo:

Here’s a video featuring my new 3 Octave Touch Capacitant Analogue Keyboard Controller! It’s been a long time in development…but finally- no wires, being earthed to ground- nothing!

I’m actually playing two prototypes here- a 1 octave test unit and the 3 Octave one. The left side 1 Octave is playing that ‘vaporware’ thing I’ve been working on- and the other is playing the new Macbeth micromac-r unit! A korg sequencer is driving osc3 and the filter on the micromac!

The touch capacitance keyboard controllers are under development, so pricing and availability are TBA.

12 thoughts on “MacBeth Touch Capacitance Keyboard (Sneak Preview)

  1. What different types of touch does this sense? Is it just up down the keyboard, or does it sense Y-axis movements, pressure or anything else?

  2. SHHHHHHHHH don’t fetch up the arms link to his products.
    From his site before he took it down
    about Zot and Diatron

    ‘Both companies supply to the medical ,military and aerospace sectors of industrial engineering’
    I have a lovely screen cap of this piece!! hard to deny !

    1. Chameleon – please keep contents constructive and on topic or they will be deleted.

      Also, you’re posting from the same IP as ‘Turning in his Grave’.

      If you pick a name, stick with it and post constructive comments, your comments will be a lot less likely to be spam filtered.

      1. He’s just a troll, why would he even want to be constructive?
        Every time there’s a mention of MacBeth, it’s guaranteed he’ll be here with the same shit.

  3. Really Chameleon?
    Every time Macbeth is mentioned you bring this up?
    Just give it a rest already.
    He makes some of the most bad-ass musical instruments on the planet.
    Credit where it is due…

  4. I think Chameleon’s comments are irrelevant. He is making synthesizers, not weapons and consequently I’m sure he gets the best components possible.
    Is there are electronics manufacturer who doesn’t supply to the military?
    Chameleon, you come across as s 19 year old Arts Undergraduate (I was once one myself). Grow up and enter the real world.

  5. Controllers like this are far more exciting to me than the “wave your arms around” or “cube” gimmicks, because this brings truly new levels of control. Great stuff! I would love to have one. Or two.

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