Using AudioCubes To Play Jean Michel Jarre’s Rendez-Vous II Laser Harp Theme

This video demonstrates using Percussa AudioCubes in place of Jean Michel Jarre’s Laser Harp on Rendez-Vous II. 

Here’s what they have to say about the setup:

Being a fan of Jean Michel Jarre’s music and live performances, we thought it would be a great idea to play Rendez-Vous II on AudioCubes using the Xils Synthix synthesizer. During live performances, Jean-Michel Jarre is playing Rendez-Vous II on a laser harp with 9 beams. To play a note, he’s touching one of the laser beams.
We applied a similar principle to the AudioCubes, and used the sensors of the cubes to play notes.

For the setup, we used 9 AudioCubes, because Jean-Michel Jarre’s laser harp consists of 9 beams. Each of the AudioCubes was assigned as a sensor cube in MIDIBridge, but we configured only 1 sensor per cube. We turned the cube on its side face, to make sure we could touch the sensor on the top of the cube.

via Percussa

5 thoughts on “Using AudioCubes To Play Jean Michel Jarre’s Rendez-Vous II Laser Harp Theme

  1. Um…. I got to roadie a bit for Jarre’s 1986 show in Houston, Texas. That was 26 years ago. The “Laser Harp” was a Synthex preset created by synth-whiz Paul Wiffen to begin with. That was a wonderful experience, but I’d REALLY like to hear something more indicative of the AudioCube potential here. This was nice as a test run, but surely there is more to it than Jarre covers. A synthesizer of any kind has too much potential for the gold standard to merely be “vintage” sound and songs rendered with newer toys.

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