Mode Machines x0x-Rack TB303 Clone

Mode Machines today released this teaser video for their x0x-Rack, a rackmount Roland TB-303 clone.

The Mode Machines x0x-Rack features the synth section of the open x0xb0x, without sequencer.

The x0x-Rack is listed at the Mode Machines site, but details are still to come. It’s priced at $399.

17 thoughts on “Mode Machines x0x-Rack TB303 Clone

  1. 2/3 of the TB-303 sound signature is the sequencer …
    Sequencing 303-like patterns via midi is really a pain, so … no built-in sequencer, no luck …

    1. Exactly. What is the point? People keep trying to emulate the sound of that machine and completely miss out on what that little box is all about.

    1. Yeah… it looks very VERY much like the MAM MB-33 which is also a TB clone… so much you would wonder if it’s just the same machine actualy… that machine has been produced in god knows how many faceplate versions I don’t have count on them.

      1. yes they look verry similar indeed. I’ve had the Frebass 383 and was also identical. I think that Mode Mashines just bought the licence to produce this piece of gear.

  2. C’mon guys ,it’s hardware and it sounds good (here on you tube) .
    You have more possibilities with a DAW sequencer.
    And it’s not a virtual instrument that sounds and look like **** !
    I think it’s a cute thing to have for a simple bass .
    Maybe they have to sell it 50$ cheaper .

    1. No , not for leads, The envelpopes arent too good for that on 303s and the resonance decays not in the best way for lead sounds,
      IE Snoop dog hip hop leeds etc.But has a lead bass instrument , it is fantastic, and doesnt have to sound the standard 303. The accent
      is a great detail in these machines.

  3. I actually prefer doing 303 sequences in a DAW, either playing and recording it with a midi keyboard, or just plugging notes into the piano roll, so this rack version is just what I need. To do slides you just lengthen the notes, and accent is just a matter of velocity. It’s hard to get a ‘musical’ sounding pattern out of the onboard 303 sequencer anyway, it’s best for random patterns I think.

  4. I agree that there is a certain charm to the 303 (or x0xb0x) sequencer, but as someone else mentions above, you can attain glide by lengthening the notes so that they overlap and accent can be done with velocity. I had a x0xb0x for a while and could easily recreate any pattern made with the sequencer in a piano roll in a DAW. I don’t think the lack of a sequencer in any way limits the sounds or patterns you can create. I do think this is priced too high given that for not much more you can get a x0xb0x with a sequencer.

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