Exploring The Korg Wavedrum

This set of videos feature Ralf Goeldner exploring using the Korg Wavedrum and Wavedrum Mini in creative ways.

The Wavedrum is a percussion synthesizer that offers DSP + PCM Combination synthesis in a responsive controller. The Wavedrum Mini is a portable, battery powered percussion synth.


German drummer and percussionist Ralf Goeldner performs an improvised piece on the Korg Wavedrum. This is the second clip in a series of four performance videos with Wavedrum, Wavedrum Mini and Wavedrum plus acoustic percussion.

In this clip, Goeldner improvises on the Korg Wavedrum and the Wavedrum Mini.

In the final clip, Goeldner performs on the Korg Wavedrum plus mini-drumset with hihat and cajon as kick drum.

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