10 thoughts on “Audiobus Demo

  1. while this isnt really a polished demo, (what was that weird clicking in the background??) i got excited seeing nlog either as an instrument, or just a filter to process other sounds. very cool thoughts behind this. i forsee little “toy” apps being able to affect your audio chain in interesting and creative ways very soon.

  2. Sorry but that was totally unwatchable, not in the least by that annoying sound. Really, I did not make it true the whole video wich is a shame.

  3. It’s funny how many audio guys make videos showing off super cool products but have absolutely terrible demo audio. I guess the rule is that audio guys still need to call an audio guy before shooting any video! 🙂

  4. Wow. That was an awful video. I really want to like Audiobus. I really want the team to succeed. I like the general idea, and think it could be very very cool.

    But that video. It’s not April 1st, is it? Because I feel I’ve been punked.

  5. hmm, advice for new IOS developers: don’t publish any video that isn’t as polished as you want your product to be. oh well, still looking forward to audiobus release

    1. It’s clear from the post this is a video from a meetup, and that it was made by a third party, not the developer.

      Which means that, if you’re criticizing the developer……

  6. You guys gotta be kidding. The quality of the video persuaded you not to buy / lose interest? I’m in the promotional video business and even I think you gotta relax with that nonsense. It’s just the dude presenting it and it was filmed, hardly a promo vid anyways. Oh btw you missed the sheer awesomeness that is the functionality presented.

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