Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Tablets Get Multi-Touch Music Apps From Wizdom

While Google’s Android hasn’t developed into a strong music platform yet, it looks like Microsoft Windows 8 and tablets like the Microsoft Surface might.

Here’s a sneak preview, by Jordan Rudess, of two of his apps, running on a Microsoft Surface tablet. In the video, Rudess demos MorphWiz and Tachyon.

Both apps were originally developed for iOS, but seem to work well on Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface, without the audio latency issues that plague Android music apps.

Note that the new Windows 8 multi-touch UI interface, formerly known as ‘Metro’, does not currently support MIDI, which will limit what developers can do with tablets like the Surface. Users wanting MIDI support should probably wait to see how this developers.

If you’ve already dived into Windows 8 on a multi-touch computer, let us know what your experiences are with music apps.


5 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Tablets Get Multi-Touch Music Apps From Wizdom

  1. I don’t know that much about operative systems and audio relationships but I know that you can emulate a MIDI-USB output with software (that might involve latency issues but I think it can be run on background). So, with the “over-power” of Surface, developers can’t make an application that serve as MIDI port/bridge?

    [sorry for my English]

    1. Audiobus is a solution to bypass the forced sandboxing of apps on IOS. I know apps are sandboxed in Metro as well, but is there some ways to transfer audio from one app to another already for Metro?

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