PianoTeq + Eigenharp Improvisation

Sunday Synth Jam: António Machado demonstrates the new ‘strummer’ feature of the Eigenharp, in this video, while improvising with Modartt PianoTeq.

Technical details below.

This video was suggested by Eigenharpist Geert Bevin, who explains:

It basically allows keys on one hand to be responsible for the note selection, while keys on the other hand control the envelopes and velocities of the played notes. This is similar to strumming strings on a guitar while fretting the notes on the neck. While not obvious here, it’s possible afterwards modulate the pitch and expression of each played note by rocking the strumming keys or the playing keys. This is a lot of fun to play evolving soundscapes or pads with.

PianoTeq is unique here as it is fully multi-timbral and treats each note on a MIDI channel separately. António configured his Eigenharp in a special way for this demo. He’s using 12 independent courses, tuned to G1/C2/F2/A2/D3/G3 and the remaining 6 fixed notes are G0-A0-B0-C1-D1-E1. It is thus using 12 MIDI in PianoTeq.

2 thoughts on “PianoTeq + Eigenharp Improvisation

  1. Very classy and well-played. Its further evidence that the Eigenharp passes the test for expressiveness. I’m always pleased to see an alternate controller manage that. It means human hands are in the equation enough that the elusive Feel and Greez components are retained. That doesn’t always seem to be the case in Controller-World, IMO.
    I think the strum aspect sounded as if it was too tightly quantized; it staggered slightly but perceptibly where everything else was fluid. That might be a programming issue or a mere matter of a little more woodshedding. Either way, its a nice exercise that gives both PianoTeq and the E-harp even better names.

  2. No excuses here Fungo McGurk,…. but everything very new! poly mode (dealing with 12 or more midi CH at the same time) plug-ins accepting this amount of control (thought not used in its full potential here, its a Piano sound) EigenD Strummer Agent is “uncharted territory” and me myself a former piano instrumentalist; don’t recall ever strumming IT.
    So in essence, trying to evolve searching for the most expressive and transparent musical idea.

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