10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager Is Dipped In Gold, $15k

Got a spare $15k burning a hole in your pocket?

Then you may want to check out the 10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager. It’s like a normal Voyager, but dipped in gold.

Here are the details:


  • 2 Karat Gold Dipped Chassis
  • Black piano lacquered wood cabinet
  • Japanese Awabi pearl inlay
  • Personalized 24 Karat gold name badge
  • Rear backlit Indigo Moog logo
  • Indigo LEDs with tricolor LFO rate LED
  • Translucent rotary knobs
  • All black switches
  • Custom printed manual cover
  • Hardbound manual
  • Custom made wood crate
  • Letterpress certificate of authenticity
  • Limited to an edition of 31

The MSRP for the 10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager is $15,000. See the Moog site for details.

80 thoughts on “10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager Is Dipped In Gold, $15k

  1. Why, what’s the point? It’s not like they are goin to fly off the shelf, and their just goin to end up in some rich jerk’s collection never to be played or enjoyed by anyone else…

  2. come on Moog stop waisting our time with this crap, it’s like beating a dead horse over and over with these stupid anniversary and signed models. why don’t you spend some of that money on research and delvelopment and build us a polyphonic synth.

    1. Don’t bother leaving a negative mesaage on their youtube video because they are screening all the comments. never going to buy another moog

  3. Do a Google image search for Bob Moog’s car, then take a look again at that monstrosity above again. Makes me wonder about the leadership over at Moog. Doesn’t seem like Dr. Moog’s values provide much guidance any longer.

  4. i highly doubt that this is an idea which bob moog would have approved of. i hope who ever is running the moog company wakes up and cancels this monstrosity.

  5. Moog used to be for everyone, with at least some cost effective products offered. They must think Mitt Romney’s going to win the election or something, who has that kind of money? suck it…

    1. yes you are right about Romney and Jay Z’s $280 000 champagne tower at his joint in Manhattan… πŸ™‚
      google it.

      Can you imagine all the free publicity and visual impact they will get at that next Anti Laptop Convention? πŸ™‚

  6. As if Moog Sound was that accessible to begin with.
    Minitaur = yes
    Slim phatty = yes
    Everything else = no

    There are lots of great sounding VST’s out there and CPU’s are only getting faster.
    Moog either grows up or gets lost in the crowd.

  7. And I thought the Voyager XL was expensive . . . come to think of it, why isn’t this model an XL? If you’re going to make an obnoxiously ostentatious showoff model, why not make it the fully-loaded version?

    I wish Moog would produce some more affordable gear.

  8. I was at Snieders bureau (possibly spelt wrong) I checked out the moog minitaur, It looked like a toy, and that thing is not cheap. It is good to see others scratching their heads about moog.
    If they turn away from the real world and it economics , it won’t be long before they come unstuck.
    Their gear is hyped to fuck

    1. What do you think Moog should be building? Something comparable to the MiniBrute?

      Moog is one of the few companies still making synthesizers that are built as well as vintage synths from the 70s.

      One of my big complaints with most current synths (most of the Roland, Korg + Yamaha stuff) is that they’re virtual analog synths in cheap plastic cases. The M-Audio Venom is like that – a virtual analog in a cheap Casio keyboard’s body.

      Be careful what you wish for!

  9. Come on moog – make a modern Prodigy – (2 vco) synth! You have the technology!
    Dip it in gold if you like but make a cheaper version for the rest of us.

    1. Yes – I know the Minitaur has 2 vcos but it’s a strange set-up!
      More pots and more versatility would be nice. (A keyboard is optional!)

  10. Next, Moog Beats by Dre edition. With more even more base because of the new MegaBase(tm) filter.

    And it has a blinking rotating logo on the back panel.

  11. So ugly, and yet I still love the way it looks.

    No way in hell I would ever buy one, but I’ll admit that I’d love to see fake “gold”-versions of some nice, cheap controllers. Maybe I’ve just been listening too much to Brett Domino Trio – Gold.

  12. Cool,but for that amount of money you could give the minimoog voyager A LOT of other new groundbreaking cool features.
    Gold is not going to make it better πŸ™‚
    Are they shipping this s***? πŸ™‚
    contact your local dealer πŸ™‚
    When this s*** is arriving here in Europe only the box will be delivered πŸ™‚

    1. Given how much software emulates real hardware, now expect Arturia Mini 5 Special Edition to hit the shelves. You pay five times as much, but have a golden UI. πŸ˜‰

  13. The gold Moog is not for me, over the top and excessive!

    But Moog’s line is more affordable than ever. It’s silly to suggest otherwise – Minimoogs in the 70’s cost more than a car! Now they’ve got virtual Moog’s for $20, real Moog’s starting at $600, and Moog keyboards for a little over $1000. All without ever making their gear feel ‘cheap’.

    1. Moog could go virtual analog, get rid of all the knobs & make their synths out of plastic – then they’d be cheap!

      But Yamaha already has that market cornered!.

  14. What makes this synth worth 15k? 2 karat gold? The name plate? The piano lacquer finish?

    Even with those things, Moog is blatantly full of themselves. To the point of insulting their consumer’s intelligence. To the point of being snotty and obnoxious.

    Built efficiently, there is literally no way that the built quality on this thing warrants a 15k pop. No freakin way. There is not enough gold on it to jump the price over 10000 dollars. It isn’t a luxury item. It’s just over-priced.

    1. Three words – Supply and demand. If 31 people each buy one of these, then it’s not priced incorrectly.

      Do you buy snacks at the movies? How much do you think that popcorn and those soft drinks cost the theater? Supply and demand – it’s about what price the market will bear.

  15. Sure they can make a fancy gold-dipped Voyager, but apparently it’s too frivolous to bring back the modular despite the actual demand there is for that to happen.

    1. Actual demand that is being handily being met by hundreds of companies competing against each other.

      At this point, a Moog modular would be an expensive vanity item, and people would gripe about it being an expensive vanity item!

  16. WOW you guys are hella stupid for what everyone is saying about the MOOG!!! This is a limited edition piece of the great MOOG Voyager!!! What is wrong with you people dayum??? smh…

  17. Bling bling
    Everytime I come around yo city
    Bling bling
    Pinky ring worth about fifty
    Bling bling
    Everytime I buy a new ride
    Bling bling
    Lorinsers on Yokahama tires
    Bling bling

  18. Haters gonna hate!

    I like that this is just completely over the top and insane. Why should guitarists get all the crazy shit? I want an ‘Alien’ synth!

    1. I totally agree. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s also a VERY limited edition. Why criticize how fancy a Voyager birthday party Moog decided to throw? If you want a Voyager, you can still buy any number of different current models at their regular price. They obviously went over the top on this one on purpose, and while it’s not for me, I like what they did.

  19. If you are going to make something OTT you might as well make it right.

    Why was all the circuitry and jacks not gold platted? They are the real parts that would actually benefit from the extra conductivity.


    1. Actually, gold plating sounds much worse than nickel plating as gold
      is a heavy metal and isn’t that conductive. It’s only benefit is that it doesn’t oxidize. So unfortunately and contrary to popular belief gold plating reduces sound quality…..just ask Russ Andrews…

  20. I think the video shows the craftsmanship that has dissappeared with modern electronics. organs pianos harpsichords all had beautiful inlays at one time or another. so it might be nice to see that quality return with casings.

    I agree that $15,000 is ridiculous though. I find it hard to believe gold plating would drive the price that high. it’s a nice idea. it does look beautiful in the video. but. it’s just a moog. right?

  21. I have to wonder if this is one of those things that, once it was built, wasn’t quite as awesome as everyone pictured it during the conceptual / design phase.

    I’m torn. I think it looks tacky, but I’m tempted to buy one, stash it unopened somewhere safe and climate controlled, and sell it for $$$ in 5 or 10 years.

    They’re only going to make 31 of them — and I’ll bet a dollar that they sell every one.

  22. Moog must be listening to corporate rather than musicians these days. Reminds me of what Fender has been up to lately – $17,000 limited-edition Stratocasters that are made not for players but slimy collectors, as ‘instant collectors’ items’. It’s sick and decadent.
    Now Fender has been doing this on a large scale for years now, but this is Moog’s first foray into the in-your-face-fetish-item market. Maybe it’s just a phase, maybe an ironic post-modern joke.
    But it resonates in a a sick market where wealthy people won’t put in banks because rates are too low, so they stash their disposable income in bling. I live in LA so I see it every day.

  23. Ain’t gold dipped, but whatever.
    Guess that’s the easy to digest term for gold plating.
    Karat? Usually high. 24K is common.
    But gold is not that bad of a conductor.
    It’s second next to silver.
    As for this Moog, it’ll retain its value, but it’s all very silly.
    Bring out a Moog modular or something interesting to more than the millionaires.

  24. I really like the little ditty playing in the background of this video. The lead tone is really beautiful, which is one thing I love about my Voyager; it can sound beautiful or completely dirty and brutal.

  25. It looks like a bathroom fixture.

    I posted that comment under the video on U2b, but the moderator censored it. Maybe the right to free speech is more recognized here.

  26. Or the demo unit in Home Depot’s lighting department. No, really, form follows function. It was in a carriage that looked like this that Prince Franz Ferdinand (a distant relative of mine) was shot by a Serbian separatist that led to the start of the War to End All Wars Or So The Germans Would Have Us Believe. You want to get shot at by separatists, you go ahead and be seen playing one of these. Leave me out of it.

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