Vavdo A2 MIDI Controller Now Available

Vavdo has announced that the Vavdo A2 controller is now available.

According to Vavdo, the A2 knobs, buttons & Leds are designed are to allow simultaneous gestures from all your fingers, while having excellent feel and instant tactile & visual feedback.

Key Features:

  • Vavdo A2 is designed to help artists, researchers or simple users to interact with software by using 6 knobs, 5 buttons & 6 programmable rgb leds.
  • By mapping few physical controls to many software parameters, you can get unique and inspiring results. Just like musical instruments, where only few physical parameters are interconnected and mapped, with a non-linear way, to control many sound variables.
  • The triple color LEDs adds visual feedback and are easily programmed using Open Sound Control.
  • With the native software drivers you can easily OSC or MIDI data. Any software that send or receive these communication protocols it is fully compatible. Examples are music DAWs, synthesizers, video software, programming environments, etc. By using a computer you can also control hardware devices such us micro-controllers, hardware synths/samplers, OSC controllers etc.
  • A2 comes also with a growing library of software. Synths, effects & tools that can be used instantly with A2 without configuration hassles. We continuously research and code in cutting-edge technology & art fields.


  • USB Connection:
    • Communication: OSC and MIDI
    • Power: USB bus powered
  • Input-Output:
    • 6 Potentiometers: 1-turn, 10bit-1024 steps, 100.000 lifecycles, long life & smooth friction
    • 5 Buttons: short stroke for direct tactile feedback, 100.000 lifecycles
    • 6 RGB LEDs programmable with OSC
  • Electronics:
    • Microcontroller: Custom Vavdo Board based in atmel avr
    • Automated and manual optical inspection following IPC610D Standard
  • Materials:
    • Front Panel: 1.5mm Stainless Steel INOX
    • Wood Enclosure: Solid 22mm Melia (mahogany family: meliaceae)
    • Wood Base: 4mm Birch plywood
    • Knobs: PA 6 for fine grip, feel & durability
    • Wood Varnish: Extra strong, non-toxic, colorless mat
  • Metrics:
    • Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm
    • Height: 2.7 cm (with knobs: 4.5 cm)
    • Weight: 0.8 kgr
    • Knobs diameter: 24 & 32 mm
    • Buttons diameter: 4 mm

The Vavdo A2 is available now at the introductory price of 230 euro.


15 thoughts on “Vavdo A2 MIDI Controller Now Available

  1. “…are designed are to allow simultaneous gestures from all your fingers, while having excellent feel and instant tactile & visual feedback”.

    But you cover LEDs while playing with knobs :/

  2. Love the look and design of this but I’m not sure what problem it solves.

    It’s sort of like the monome vs an apc40. The APC does way more, so I don’t get the appeal of the monome.

  3. or, buy four LPD8’s, and smash a few like guitars after your set.
    smash three, keep one, and your still up by 2 knobs, 3 buttons, and 4 banks…

      1. I’ve got a quality knob you can polish. Besides looking like something is quality, a new product usually needs to achieve a desired result in an efficient, creative way. I guess someone will buy this, but it doesn’t seem like it does anything that other quality controllers do. Some of these controllers do more for less of a price. Others that do the same thing as this are cheaper.

        What I can’t figure here is whether the developer is pretentious or just clueless about the market he selling to. I lean towards pretentious because months ago he/she/ they released this same info without even showing us a video of how the thing works.

  4. It’s great! Except the delicious design, it has 1024 steps on each knob versus 127 of everything else in the market. Ok, not for the average user ( you have to understand OSC first ) but I would kill to connect it with the frequency control of my filters!!!

  5. I have seen many bad comments about A1 & A2. Most of them are right. Why someone use this controller, instead of a classic commercial like AKAI or KORG if it is way more expensive? But I don’t see anyone writing about OSC. They clearly mention that it is developed mainly for OSC. Not only for MIDI. And I don’t think that AKAI or KORG have released something that implements OSC. Have you ever used the abilities of network based protocol?
    Ok. It is for people that have studied sound synthesis in a deeper way. First you have to experience the turning of a 10bit knob assigned on frequency in a MaxMSP synth or Reactor. Way better than MIDI in this. It is better in scaling, in programming, in interpolating. It is more musical I think. MOTU and RME decided to implement this protocol at their DSPs. I think not by chance. And why not to match it with a perfect design and aesthetics?
    As you understand I am an owner of Vavdo. And I paid more than 230 at its first release and it still excites me.

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