Roland Alpha Juno

The Roland Alpha Juno line was released in 1985. While the Alpha Juno synths have a basic architecture, they still sound great, because of their combination of analog filter & ‘warm’ chorus effect.

This audio demo is all Alpha Juno, featuring multi-tracked Roland Alpha Juno 1 and MKS 50 (rack mount). The only effects used are delay, reverb and auto-pan.

via Frippertronik

3 thoughts on “Roland Alpha Juno

  1. I used one of these in conjunction with a Mirage rack sampler and a Korg DW8000. It was a powerful little trio. If they had made a model of these with 2 oscillators per voice, I’d still be playing one, because it had a clean sound without being at all thin. I even dropped a Juno-1 down a flight of carpeted stairs and it shrugged it off completely. Roland builds ’em tough.

  2. I don’t think this synth has the best bass sounds, but sweep filter pads are the best. This synth has an ADSR envelope with 8 control parameters (in place to 4 usual) which let you making very long and rich “waveforms”. Filter is beautiful too.
    I’d wish Roland stop to make romplers (which are currently competing to the computers) and built this sort of gadgets again.

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