Ableton Live 9 Workshop In San Francisco

Wanting to catch a glimpse of the new Ableton Live 9 in person?

Ableton Certified Instructor Timo Preece is hosting an Ableton Live Workshop next Saturday, November 17, in San Francisco, using Live 9.

Preece will cover songwriting and production workflow in the first portion of the workshop. In the second half, DJ/songwriter Liam Shy will be demoing Live Performance/DJ’ing and Live Remixing, using the Akai APC 40.

Preece and Shy say this workshop is “a perfect workshop for beginning/intermediate folks.”

The workshop is scheduled for noon – 3pm, Saturday, November 17, at The Supper Club in San Francisco (details and map at this link). The workshop costs $50.

6 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9 Workshop In San Francisco

  1. Seriously something like this should be free because the information that will be taught is readily available in the manuals and online.

  2. I know Timo, and being that he is a teacher at an extremely high priced multimedia college , I highly doubt he’ll ever give a class for free (and this class is sponsored by the school)

  3. Documentation and manuals may be available, but nothing beats having a professional teacher walk you through it, adding context and deeper explanation where necessary. Also, having someone who can answer your questions readily available is priceless imho…

  4. You can also learn to play guitar from information that is readily available online and in books. Does that mean now that all guitar teachers should give classes for free?

    Some of my most positive experiences in life have been exchanges with teachers who’ve taught me in college or in music lessons. The role of a teacher can be much broader than the subject matter alone. A good teacher will inspire and serve as a navigational guide, helping students learn & create at an exponential rate.

    1. Eric Clapton, bb king, Stevie ray Vaughn, malmsteen, Jimmy page would all disagree with you and there’s plenty more. But you seem successful.

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