Mega Brute Collection For Ableton Live

AfroDJMac has introduced The Mega Brute Collection for Ableton Live – a commercial collection of 50 instrument racks, made from samples of the Arturia MiniBrute.

Here’s what he’s got to say about the collection:

The idea behind the Mega Brute Collection is to expand the capabilities of the hardware synth while using its rich analog sound. The Ableton instruments add many diverse effects and polyphony, allowing for the entire range of sounds from basses, leads, to pads and rhythmic arpeggiated patches. The download comes with a 4 song instrumental EP I’ve created, using only instruments and effects from the Mega Brute Collection. I’ve also included the Ableton Live Project files the EP was created in, to give an inside look as to how these instruments can be used in a production.

Here’s a video ‘unboxing’ and walkthrough:

The AfroDJMac Mega Brute Collection Contains:

  • 50 Ableton Live Instrument Racks (most of which contain additional midi and audio effect racks inside)
  • 10 Ableton Live Sets
  • The AfroDJMac MegaBrute EP- a four song EP created entirely with the Mega Brute Collection
  • The 5 Ableton Live sets used to create the MegaBrute EP (this gives an inside look at how the MegaBrute Collection was put to work)

The Mega Brute Collection is available for $20 at the AfroDJMac site.

3 thoughts on “Mega Brute Collection For Ableton Live

  1. I’m not sure whether this is a brilliant idea or just irritating and useless, the trouble is as soon as he put effects on it, it just sounded like everything else does in abelton i.e that fizzy graular sound that everyone uses

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