Steinberg Cubase 7 Coming Dec 5th

Today, Steinberg announced Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7.

Highlights of Cubase 7:

  • The all-new MixConsole stars with brilliant mixing capabilities that give you plenty of workflow improvements
  • Integrated channel strip modules for epic pro-console sound
  • New Chord Track with intelligent composing assistance
  • VariAudio 2.0 with harmonizer capabilities and multi-part editing
  • VST Connect SE for recording over the net
  • All this together with the full version of Voxengo’s acclaimed CurveEQ, the brand-new Remote Control Editor, Hermode tuning, more instrument content and an array of real-world workflow enhancements make Cubase the producer’s choice.

Here’s the video intro for Cubase 7:

Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 will be available starting December 5, 2012. See the Steinberg site for details.

6 thoughts on “Steinberg Cubase 7 Coming Dec 5th

    1. It hardly matters. Basically any DAW is going to be incomprehensible in the beginning. If you buy Cubase 7, it is quite likely that you will spend 30 minutes just trying to get it to make a sound. That’s with any DAW. Once you get a feel, Cubase is pretty intuitive. Just don’t waste your time winging it, you will spend years not knowing simple things that could help your workflow tremendously if you can just sit down and read the manual. For the longest time I refused to read or watch any guides or tutorials. Foolish indeed.

  1. I abanded Cubase when I hated what they did with the mixer in the SX versions. But this is actually tempting me to return. I am a little scared at how complex it seems to have become though.

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