USBtribe Adds USB MIDI To Korg Monotribe

The USBtribe is a USB MIDI interface built specifically to integrate with the Korg Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station.

Connect one to your Monotribe and you can exchange MIDI Note, Controller, Sync and Transport Messages between your synth and your computer directly, via a USB cable. The USBtribe will also let you power your Monotribe via USB.

Here’s a quick demo video, via Oliver Chesler, of the USBtribe in action:


  • Fully assembled: simply use the included cables to connect the USBtribe to your Monotribe
  • May be installed without modification to the Monotribe case
  • Plug and Play: the USBtribe appears as a midi port on the host computer
  • MIDI Channel 1 (from synth sequencer) & Channel 10 (rhythm sequencer) send MIDI Note ON / OFF messages to external devices from the
  • Monotribe sequencer
    • Front panel knobs and switches variously send Continuous Controllers 1, 7, 11, 16, 17, 80, 81, 82 and 83 out on MIDI channel 1. Record knob
    • tweaks and switch actions over MIDI
    • Functions as a MIDI Clock/Sync Pulse converter using the Monotribe’s Sync sockets
    • Transport control over MIDI. Start, Stop, Continue external sequencer with front panel buttons
    • Modify the synthesizer VCA and LFO modules with standard MIDI Continuous Controller messages 1, 7, 11, 16, 17, 80, 81, 82 and 83 on MIDI channel 1
    • Play synthesizer with MIDI Note ON / OFF messages on channel 1
    • Play drum sounds with MIDI Note ON / OFF messages on channel 10
    • Transport control over MIDI. Start, Stop, Continue and Sync Monotribe from external sequencer
  • Measures 35 mm × 46 mm (1.38″ × 1.81″)
  • Powered via battery,DC supply or USB
  • Firmware is user-upgradable via USB

The USBtribe is available now for £60.00 plus p+p.

3 thoughts on “USBtribe Adds USB MIDI To Korg Monotribe

  1. Board arrived the other day and looking forward to assembly tomorrow :). USB control directly from Ablton Live/mini MPK and power from computer is a dream come true for the tribe, should have been there from the get-go. 5am & CAN’T WAIT!!!! Will post results…

  2. USBtribe board was easy to fit into my monotribe, albeit a little tight with the wire kit trying to push every thing out. USBtribe has an adhesive kit now to secure the board and are posting.
    Being an early version of the firmware, James has sent me an update to address an issue with pitch bend, ill be updating this soon. I noticed an issue with octave control and scaling. When played with an external kybd the monotribe only plays a normal chromatic scale from about f onwards in each octave. Maybe me or the board but i’ll continue to test, perhaps the update will solve this one.
    I had glitching with sync but again more tests to really understand, so much midi i/o could be the computer with that one??
    The guys from USBtribe have been helpful and supportive, thanks James.

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