Moog Intros All White Editions Of Its Analog Instruments

Today Moog Music announced limited edition all white versions of its analog instruments:

Moog has polarized the color of their traditionally black steel and natural wood instruments to a solid white finish. Included in this limited edition white release are the Slim Phatty, Minimoog Voyager, and the Minimoog Voyager XL analog synthesizers. Moog has also included the entire line of Moogerfooger Analog Effects Modules in this all white release.

Moog Music All White Instruments

In addition to the polarized color, the Slim Phatty now ships with 100 new, artist-designed presets made specifically for this limited edition analog synth. The sound designers that crafted the new preset bank are Phil Hartnoll and Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, Production wiz Chad Hugo of N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes, and DJ/Sound Designer Dom Kane. The Slim Phattys optional wood sides, and optional rack ears are also now available in white.

The Minimoog Voyager and Minimoog Voyager XL have also been transitioned to an all white finish with reversed artwork. The pitch and mod wheel of the Minimoog Voyager XL has been upgraded to a white backlit design, which is a feature that was previously only available on the Minimoog Voyager.

Lastly, the Moogerfooger family of analog effects modules are also ghosts of their former selves. The MF-101 Lowpass FIlter, MF-102 Ring Modulator, MF-103 12 Stage Phaser, MF-104M Analog Delay, MF-105M MIDI MuRF, MF-107 Freq Box and the MF-108M Clusterflux have all been transitioned to white and are now a perfect match to the limited edition Minimoog Voyager, Voyager XL and Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizers.

These all white Moog instruments are available for a limited time at select dealers and are shipping now. See the Moog site for details.


  • Minimoog Voyager XL WHITE: $4995
  • Slim Phatty WHITE: $845
  • Slim Phatty Wood Kit WHITE: $89
  • Slim Phatty Rack Ears WHITE: $25
  • MF-101 Low Pass Filter WHITE: $335
  • MF-102 Ring Modulator WHITE: $335
  • MF-103 12 Stage Phaser WHITE: $379
  • MF-104M Analog Delay WHITE: $749
  • MF-105M MIDI MuRF WHITE: $479
  • MF-107 FreqBox WHITE: $399
  • MF-108M Cluster Flux: $639

32 thoughts on “Moog Intros All White Editions Of Its Analog Instruments

  1. Moog is becoming like the frickin’ Ford Mustang.
    New special editions every month.
    No substance just special “exclusive” colours and crap like that.

    How about some new synths? esp. Polyphonic please?

  2. Umm, what? This is just so Deadmau5 can have Moog gear that matches his Modcan, right…?

    Hmmm…. Not the Voyager expanders or the CP-251. Those probably don’t sell as well. I wish they’d make more stuff in the CP-format though.

  3. Is Moog using these gimmicks to sell through existing stock or have they partnered with the Franklin Mint to crack the collectables market?

  4. V expensive gear,
    Dave smith is blowing them out of the water with his Mopho x 4,
    A two voice (duo phonic ?_) is well away from moogs ability and perhaps when they go Poly, we can look forward to further absurd prices, the most interesting thing about moog is it’s name and it’s past .

    1. Very different types of analog gear. One is made of discrete chips, and one is integrated whole synth on a stamp, which is cheaper to manufacture.

        1. Actually, discrete circuit components and robust circuit design DO contribute to propagation of rich sounds. Ask any audio tech or electric guitarist about that.

  5. Looks like someones’s running out of ideas..

    I mean, they look pretty, but what’s the point? If anyone was unsure about whether to go Moog, would a blanc paint job really tip the scales? Maybe a Glow-In-The-Dark Theremin, or Gold Voyager would do it.. (and i do actually like the look of both!)

    Feels like the last drops of Bob’s legacy have already been juiced.

  6. This is tiresome.By the way,if Moog make a polyphonic synth,I will saw my legs off with a dull steak knife.Ain’t gonna happen,

  7. Paint jobs, logo t-shirts and coffee mugs are all very well, but the buggers still want three THOUSAND dollars for a monophonic synth. Yeah yeah, hand-made, blah blah, we know, but three THOUSAND dollars, people? All the spiffed-up marketing smoke-screening in the world can’t hide these prohibitive prices.

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