Ableton Live 9 Sneak Preview (Audio To MIDI With Autechre)

Reader Julien Bayle is one of the early beta testers forย Ableton Live 9. He’s also an Ableton Certified trainer, which comes across in his demo video for Live 9’s new audio to MIDI feature.

In the video, Bayle takes Autechre’s are y are we and uses it as source audio for demonstrating audio to MIDI in Ableton Live 9.

You can read Bayle’s thoughts on Live 9 at his site.

10 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9 Sneak Preview (Audio To MIDI With Autechre)

  1. How to steal a singular work of art and transform it into mainstream shit… Certified trainers are the worst creators on earth…

  2. This is really cool, working with other artists’ music can be so enlightening. I can see a whole world of possibility in lifting drum and percussion loops alone, melody is just the icing on the cake. A little creative midi-ing and synth-swapping for hours of tweaking fun!

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