Multi-Touch Music Apps On Windows 8

In the latest Sonic Talk video podcast, Nick Batt talks with Wizdom Music’s Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier about developing multi-touch music apps for Windows 8.

Wizdom Music originally released software synths for iOS, but has since released versions for Android & Blackberry Playbook. Now the company is developing for WIndows 8.

Windows 8 offers the potential of letting developers bringing the types of innovative multi-touch music applications that have become common on the Apple iPad to Windows 8 devices of much larger size.

Along the way, they touch on how audio latency is handicapping the Android platform and how this is not a major issue on Windows 8.

via sonicstate

16 thoughts on “Multi-Touch Music Apps On Windows 8

  1. Windows 8 multitouch timing : zero problem as far as I understand.
    But what about Windows RT? Does anyone knows? Tried?

  2. WOW, the nanostudio guy (no, don’t mention his name) gave YOU pointers on how to reduce latency?!?
    Make something worth raving about before you rave about you made.

  3. What was interesting was when they were discussing making money on the different platforms they seemed to say they were not making anything on Android. I’ve read that Android has 70:1 piracy compared to 3:1 on iOS. Plus I guess the Android latency issue still has not been solved so it is not really a viable platform. It looked like going forward iOS and Windows 8 will be the main players.

    1. Another Android factor is that most of the android users got cheap phones when they upgraded their phone contract instead of higher end ones, and many of them ship with an OS version that can be over a year old. So some people don’t have phones that could run higher end music apps, but even more people simply aren’t interested. They get mail and movies and sports and thats as far as they go. It’s not just music apps… other industries have sales issues on Android too for all the same reasons.

      But the windows problems to overcome will be hardware costs and critical user mass. I would expect that over time the intel versions of windows hardware will be adopted by current windows users, but they won’t convert anyone else. And the Surface RT is probably dead in the water.

      1. One other issue on Android devices is that the manufactures are loading them up with crapware, and then not releasing updates so users can be on the latest OS.

    1. What I’ve seen of Rudess’s apps, they seem great for little kids. Bright colors, constrained to scale, etc. On one hand, it give kids an interactive way to experience music– on the other hand, it’s a little “cheap” in the sense that they are playing with something that doesn’t challenge them or require them to grow. (IMHO). It’s ok though. They learn about pitch and timbre. As for adults playing with them? That’s ok, I guess.

      If there’s an Etch-a-sketch in a room, I’m gonna play with it.

      1. stoip bitching about Rudess’ apps, guys

        they are great for live perfomance

        so if u are freaking DAW guys – get out of here!


        Samplr KILLED his Samplewiz, YEP

  4. I’d like to see more devs talking about and putting out windows apps.

    for me a windows app would be great. I don’t mind my phone being handicapped by iOS. but I want a tablet to be able to do what ever I want. which Windows 8 can provide if they get that critical mass of apps happening.

  5. Ipad pro ipad pro ipad …!
    Apple need to get on it -windows still could be the proverbial tortoise to the apple sponsored hare , obviously we are all interested in mobile music tech – Logic Pro touch on a tablet or ableton live ? Who will do it first one wonders ? I give it 18 months to 2 years for it to happen

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