Elektron Analog Four First Look – ‘Words Cannot Describe How Cool This Machine Is!’

The news of the Elektron Analog Four synthesizer has generated some of the biggest buzz of any recent synth announcement.

We’ve posted specs and audio demos previously, but here are the first videos we’ve seen for the Analog Four.

Above, Elektron’s official intro video. Below, a video via MrDataline (Cenk Sayinl) that demonstrates the new synth from a user’s perspective:


Technical notes:

All 4 tracks have been sequenced inside the new Elektron Analog Four. I wanted to show various parameters for Filters, Oscillators and ‘how it sounds’ while playing this composition. There is no external processing, everything you hear is from the Analog Four.

“Words can not describe how cool this machine is…” notes MrDataline.

26 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Four First Look – ‘Words Cannot Describe How Cool This Machine Is!’

  1. Best new synthesizer of the year and thats only from a couple of demos, i really want to buy one, dsi tetra just didnt fill my appetite for analog sound.

    1. For that price I still feel more attracted for Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4 Polyphonic Analog Keyboard…yes polyphonic and with 44 keys…thoughts?

  2. this thing looks really cool but you guys must be hearing something i’m not. at least the demos don’t showcase sounds which are fresh to my ears. regardless, elektron is a great company and they make cool instruments so i am sure this product will make many people happy.

    1. its not about beeing fresh, its about having a classic analog engine paired with elektrons superb interface and sequencer.
      thats also why no other hardware other then their own can compete with their machines.

      most companies figured out how to make nice sounding analog signal paths with DCOs nowadays, but there is just one elektron sequencer and parameter locks and all the other great features they pack in their machines.

      i will buy an analog four in the next days btw:)

  3. I dont want to sound like elektron fanboi or analog purist, but nevertheless this sounds heavenly!! I really really really want this for xmas 😀

  4. It’s a classic analog synth with a modern twist – of course it’s not going to sound vastly different – I think its more about the sequencing or the ‘electron work flow’ with good sound than making something that sounds unique. I’m not really sure how it works – could do with some in depth videos on the sequencer. Did I read it correctly on the website that you can’t do chords as it only doesn’t do polyphony per track.

  5. It says on their site (under FAQ) “No poly mode will be available at launch. We are however thinking a lot about different approaches to this feature.”

    For me this one’s interesting:

    “Both oscillators of each voice are analog, with all their elaborate waveshaping completely analog, and with their pitches controlled digitally.”

    Making it DCO not VCO? No big deal for me as Roland used DCOs in some of their Juno’s but analogue purists may scorn this. (Roland added chorus to these synths for a reason etc!!)

  6. Elecktron, if your using DCOs, give us the option to set frequency drift using an Oscillator Slope parameter. (Maybe you already have!) 😉

    1. i think its already a feature, i will buy one tomorrow and read the manual a feaw days ago and i think you can turn that on and of, so its an option but i cant remember if there was anything about finetuning.

      i think its in the system menu somewhere

  7. Fortunately, by the time I can afford one, there will have been a ton of Youtube vids of it that show a bit wider range than currently illustrated.

  8. I hope they just don’t do like they did with their machinedrum make Mk1, Mk2 there is nothing as depressing as buying a nice expensive synth to just realise there is an analog four Mk2 next year or so with polyphony, that is a reason for me to skip this companya alltogheter. Other than that not sure, so far I heard mostly brighter synthsounds a’la monomachine. And pads will be harder to create with chords, the most interesting part is the sequenser thing but if your not going for live use I think you would be better of with a Prophet 08 desktop or Tetra 4 but I can be wrong.

    I am listening to more demos and just waiting to find that one demo that convince me this machine have what I want. The house sounds in this was a bit convincing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkTG1GnOgfA but then again it might be the octatrack the description do say it do the beats and a few more samples? This is another demo I liked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pvDj2y5Jyg there is a certain crunch and resonance to the background pulsating sound that you just can’t get so easy from VA synths which I think the AF sounded like most of the time. I mean not bad but many demos could might aswell have been an Access Virus Ti.

  9. OK, Sounds beautiful. However, If I understand correctly, using a midi keyboard has limited capablities. Kinda boring if you can only run sequences. Has anyone posted a video with a keyboard?

  10. I can’t answer your question but I have to ask are you THE Frankie Bones ? As in amnesia 90 blue sky connection and just about every other one of my fav mix tapes ever?

  11. I shoot my load every time I hear this beast –

    Like a super future mc202 on steroids.

    Just decided that at 10am when the shop opens I will pick one up.

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