What’s Access Introducing?

Access has an announcement coming this Friday.

They’ve posted a note on their Facebook page that “This Friday, we got something “special” lurking around the corner…”

This came in via reader Sven van der Heiden, who wonders, “Is it just another color change or is it something different? The buttons on the picture looks like they have new names.”

Speculation, so far, about the Access introduction includes a ‘Virus Snow Whiteout’, a ‘Darkstar Snow’, an analog Virus and even TI Virus drum machine.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

18 thoughts on “What’s Access Introducing?

  1. Well.. ahem… basically, it will be the mega buana mightyTI OS 5.5… adding a revolutionary new oscillator wave form … anything else ?

  2. Wished they´d solve the latency issue of Virus TI in Ableton Live. That would be everything I´d want now.

    PS Wished it was Friday anyway.

  3. Anyway: It has to be new hardware (!), because the combination of buttons/knows shown above can not be found the existing hardware. Getting exited now.

  4. Analog Virus.

    Or completely new digital synth, like
    Access Bacteria

    I’d like V-Synth like sample mangling etc along side of analog modelling.
    Perhaps enough oscillators per voice to make it an FM synth along side of VA. 6 operator FM with knobs.


    Workstation that is built on top of synthesizer(instead of rompler) and lots on knobs.

  5. They are seemingly regurgitating the same nonsense over and over again. Regardless, the controls look rather similar. Do not get me wrong, I mean I think the Virus sound engine is simply brilliant. Yet it seems strange for instruments that are supposed to harken the sounds and aura of the future, they still employ retro design themes.

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