Thanksgiving & Black Friday Music Gear Deals

Many companies are running Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals:

  1. ProAudioStar promises to beat any Black Friday deal + give you 15% off your next order.
  2. Up to 66% off at IK Multimedia on virtual instruments
  3. 50% off at East West on virtual instruments
  4. Sonnox is offering 50% off on 50% Discount On Elite, Essential and Enhance Plug-in bundles
  5. 50% deals at Native Instruments on Komplete instruments, Maschine expansion packs and Traktor Pro 2
  6. 40% off at Synthmaster on virtual instruments on thanks
  7. 30% off at Livid on MIDI controllers
  8. 25% off at UVI storewide
  9. 15% off at Teenage Engineering
  10. 10% on all Moog hardware on Thanksgiving
  11. Propellerhead is running a Black Friday sale on Rack Extensions

If you know of other Thanksgiving or Black Friday deals, leave a comment with the details!

22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving & Black Friday Music Gear Deals

  1. Aww man, no black friday sale on REs? I missed that sale on Polar because of hurricane, hopefully they at least do some kind of discount for the holidays…

  2. Applied Acoustic Systems and MeldaProductions are also 50% off which given the normal price of Melda Productions plugins probably means they’re basically free now.

    1. Perhaps one of the most suprizing comments ever to grace the comments of Synthtopia, in terms of being sincere and not venomous…Cheers to my friends, old and new across the pond eastward from the States!

  3. Ours is Miroslav Philharmonik (complete/full version), AmpiTube Jimi Hendrix, and Black 76 Limiting Amplifier (not all VI).

    Miroslav Philharmonik $49.99 / €39.99
    AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix $49.99 / €39.99
    Black 76 $39.99 / EUR 34.99

  4. Also, fxpansion has dropped the price of several plugins considerably for the weekend!

    Tremor, by far the best synthesis-based drum machine I’ve encountered, hardware or software, is almost a steal at the price of $99. I’m personally still considering their DCAM Synth Squad. I don’t really need it per se, but… well, I guess these things don’t always play out that rationally.

    Happy thanksgiving, people who celebrate it!

    Hmm, this marks a year of one truly wonderful weekend. I wish this one could compete. Well, Electric Wizard is playing here tonight, so at least we’ll have a chance at having a good time!

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