64 Presets For Impaktor

Sunsine Audio has released Impact, a set of 64 new presets for Impaktor.

The pack makes full use of every aspect of both synthesis engines. Physical Modeling is explored through the “Membrane” and “Resonator” sections, Noise Shaping through the “Noise + Vocoder” section, and Frequency Modulation though the FM synthesizer section. Many of the presets contain a combination of these techniques interacting and combining in various ways, including some “tuned” presets that allow playing discreet pitches in a scale depending on the frequency of the impulse. In this manner some presets allow a melody to be played in the style or spirit of a talking drum or steel drum.

The sounds in this set range from classic “ethnic” sound types such as clay or frame, steel, or talking drums, to more traditional electronic sounding drums, and finally futuristic style percussion and drum sounds which may be defined as industrial, alien, or hybrid instruments.



  • 64 Presets (1 .imkit file)
  • Easy installation instructions.

It’s available at the Sunsine Audio site. Price: $2.49 (regular) Current sale price: $1.99.

One thought on “64 Presets For Impaktor

  1. If it was for free, maybe, but I have created so much goodness with iMpactor myself and these sound kind of lame in comparison 😉

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