Patch Library For Arturia iSEM, SEM

Sunsine Audio has released Semester – 64 new presets for Arturia iSEM and SEM. This patch library features ‘thick leads, basses, creamy pads, keys and tricky arpeggios. In addition organ, brass, strings, percussion, synth patches and sequences are included as well.’ Here’s a video demo of the 645 SEM/iSEM patches:

64 New Presets For Arctic Keys

Sunsine Audio has released Snowflake 2, a collection of 64 new presets for Arctic Keys. Snowflake 2 contains leads, basses, pads, and fx, as well as complex time locked patches utilizing the deep modulation possibilities of Arctic Key’s sequencer.

Casino 2 – 64 presets For Cassini From Sunsine Audio

Sunsine Audio has introduced Casino 2 – a new library of 64 presets for Cassini, featuring Basses, Leads, Pads, Arpeggiations, Chiptune, Formant and FM patches and more. Every preset has the modulation wheel routed, as well as all 4 performance modulation knobs assigned to  aspects of the sound, giving you a high degree of real… Read More Casino 2 – 64 presets For Cassini From Sunsine Audio

Waveshaper Drum Kits For iOS From Sunsine Audio

Sunsine Audio has announced plans to release Beatmaker 2 and Nanostudio versions of drum kits and samples from Wavshaper. The iOS versions will be available exclusively through Sunsine Audio, while the original Wav versions will remain available from Waveshaper. Both versions are priced exactly the same. The first “converted” release is – STIX 305.

64 New Presets For Magellan

Sunsine Audio has released their third set of 64 presets for Magellan from Yonac Inc. Explorer 3 utilizes full XY pad and Mod Wheel support for all presets. Contains basses, leads, pads, keys, and arpeggiation sequences.