11 thoughts on “Found Sound Octatrack Sampling Jam

  1. This video made me buy an Octatrack a year ago, and I haven’t regretted it…plus I tend to keep a radio plugged into one of the inputs 🙂

  2. Reminds me of Daft Punk 15 years ago. The beginning could be a HIT! After grooving into it for several minutes i awaited a KILLER BASS DRUM witha SMASHING PERCUSSION GROOVE! But you FAILED and made me SICK for hours!
    Also a little of bit Utah Saints if anyone knows them…..

    1. Yeah, I think half the fun are the glorious fuckups you can get with the octatrack. It’s usually in need of editing afterwards, but the longer I spend with it the more I end up with that is well fucked instead of badly fucked. 😉

      Also, you have to put good stuff into it using gear you’re already fairly proficient with….Just my opinion, but in this video it looks and sounds like maybe too much gear to master.

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