Roland MT32 Mania, Or The First Dixieland Synth Demo Video

Reader Alex Juno has put together another video in his Dem Jamz series, which explore the capabilities of a vintage synth through a collage of songs.

Or as he puts it, “some nice tunes and fairly sardonic humour.”

In this video, he explores the possibilities of the Roland MT32 – a ‘little brother’ to the classic D-50. No polite synth tweaking here, though. Instead the video goes from dixieland to ‘angsty goth’…..and keeps on going.


  • Dixieland Distractions
  • Angsty Goth Song
  • Monkey Island (Megamonkey Mix)
  • Dub Vader (Skrillmaus Mix)
  • Hoping & Waiting
  • Dead End

See his YouTube channel for the previous Dem Jamz videos, which feature the Korg Mono/Poly and the Poly 800.

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