Audiobus Now Available, ‘Will Change How You Make Music’

Audiobus, the new inter-app audio routing system for iOS, is now available.

Audiobus lets you connect the output of one Audiobus-compatible app to the input of another. This lets you use do things like using software synths as inputs to a looper or multi-track recorder, or use one app to process the audio of another.

GlitchBreaks developer Alex Matheu says “It will change how you make music on your iOS device.”

Audiobus launches with support from these apps:

  • Rebirth for iPad
  • JamUp
  • JamUp Pro
  • NLog Synth Pro
  • NLog MIDI Synth Sunrizer
  • Loopy
  • Loopy HD
  • SoundPrism Pro
  • MultiTrack DAW
  • sir Sampleton
  • FunkBox

Many more developers have announced that they have updates in the works.

Here’s the official intro video for Audiobus:

We’re more interested, though, in seeing how readers use Audiobus. If you have screen captures or videos to share, leave a link below!

Audiobus is $9.99 in the App Store.

Note: The developers recommend using Audiobus with iPad 2, iPhone 4S or newer devices.

iOSMusicianAndYou has posted a tutorial on getting started with Audiobus. For more background, see our Audiobus interview with Sebastian Dittmann and Tim Webb.

46 thoughts on “Audiobus Now Available, ‘Will Change How You Make Music’

  1. Finally a true way to inter-connect audio apps. It would be even better if it worked with every existing apps, but its already amazing as it is to accomplish this in the IOS sandboxed environment, and the multitaking window management looks much better than IOS.

    Devs recommend ipad2 or newer, but does it work on the ipad1?

    1. it kind of works on my ipad1. you definitely won’t get full functionality out of it, but it may still be worth it to buy and use it as far as it goes.
      i’m still playing around with it on my ipad1, so not sure how useful it will be just yet. It is not ideal having to worry about which patch you can play safely or whether more than 2 apps will work ok.

      1. example: on my ipad1,i have sunrizer going into loopy(that is all, no effects) and a lot my patches create a lot of static and unacceptable noise. same with soundprism going into loopy.
        With these sound recording tools this should not be acceptable imo, so ipad1 should be listed as incompatible. It either works 100% or it doesn’t. on my ipad1, it does not.

        1. Example 2: sunrizer and rebirth inputs, no effects, loopy output. Recorded sunrizer track, went into rebirth to record drum track and while setting up drum loop in rebirth, audiobus crashed. Then rebirth crashed. The ipad1 has limitations. It’s ok to recognize it and admit it. I don’t blame the software devs for expanding with the new hardware capabilities, but unless it really works with the hardware don’t pretend it does. Now i’ll stay optimistic this gets fixed, but so far it is $10 spent on something that doesn’t work. I’m not that upset because i wasn’t expecting it to. I like to test these things though. Eventually i will give in and upgrade my ipad.

    2. I tested it with an iPad 1 running Sunrizer and Multitrack DAW. Initially had choppy, noisy output from Sunrizer. Went into Sunrizer under UTILS>Settings>Polyphony and changed from Default to Reduced. Cleared up the noise issue. I want to experiment with Default polyphony and changing Latency settings.

      Also tried it with ReBirth, Sunrizer and Multitrack DAW. No issues so far on a simple 2-track ditty I recorded

  2. Got it, the only problem is that my current arsenal of AudioBus compatible Apps consists of ReBirth, NLog Pro, Sunrizer and Loopy only, but I’m sure more will become available soon…

    1. You should try sounprism. It is a cool keyboard interface. There is a free versioning the appsttore, but I think only the pro version has audio bus.

  3. Best part about buying this still in infancy app? Going to the app store and finding out Samplr has been updated with audio copy and paste! Arvydas Sa-bonus!

  4. So I’ll sacrifice myself to collect all the red thumbs…

    Too expensive.
    And I’m not sure if it’s really that practical, given how fiddly it is to switch between apps.
    I’d like some limited free demo to try it out.

    1. It only takes a few minutes of tinkering around with it to see the possibilities it provides. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but went ahead and bought it and am well pleased, even in it’s limited state. Essentially what it does is connect compatible apps to make composing directly on your iPad easier. It also expands the capabilities of certain apps by allowing some to be used only for their effects, which in turn allows for apps without effects to now have effects, and so on and so forth. Obviously the possibilities will depend on what apps join the party, and it will be a shame if any app thinks they’re too cool to attend (ahem, I’m looking at you Garageband).

  5. Whoever here has any misconceptions about what it is, price point, etc…probably haven’t been following the clear-as-day updates provided by the Dev. and countless testers. I could give a smackdown of insults/belittlements worthy of the greatest of trolls and boys club brigade that can be found gracing any number of Synthtopia comments spots…but na I won’t.
    My scoop: Audiobus delivers, Apple SHOULD buy them out (the Dev.s are worthy), and this should be integrated into iOS as standard operations. Well thought out, clear to understand, and elegant! Cheers!

  6. Woke up early to buy it and try it – 4s is seamless – switching between apps is so easy – the app seems self explanatory and simple – $10 is cheap for what it does- if you have been using audio copy this will save you time… just need the other apps to get approved – love it!

  7. Woke up early to buy it and try it – 4s is seamless – switching between apps is so easy – the app seems self explanatory and simple – $10 is cheap for what it does.. just need the other apps to get approved – love it!

  8. I can’t stop crapping in my pants … it’s becoming an issue.

    Looks like the only time I can experiment with audiobus today is when I am on the toilet.

  9. it’s worth way more than $10 especially when some of the devs who have voiced support get their updates out. Magellan is going to kick so much ass, I’d be happy with just that, sunrizer and loopy- but we’ll see a lot more

    1. Tom the Clam

      After thumbjam is updated for audiobus you may have to manually startup thumbjam for audiobus to see it.

      Remove and reinstall audiobus fixed the problem for me.

      1. Just updated today!!! Thumbjam through JamUp Pro XT is awesome!!! Been playing around am blown by the possibilities. One thing that i’ve noticed is that if i’m running too many things at once i get really choppy, distorted results. I also noticed that when i have used Animoog with say FunkBox or Drum Jam in the background Animoog doesn’t sound right. It gets really distorted cuts off with the beat. I end up having to kill apps to get clean results. Hopefully when they update Animoog they’ll address that issue…

        1. Similar issue, but i find animoog Distorts other apps. Especially korg apps. On ipad 2. Any ideas why / what can be done except shutting them down?

  10. I’m really pleased with this. And Thumbjam just released their update; unlike the other apps it needs to be started before Audiobus. I’m happy that the developers are going to enjoy a big $$$$ Christmas!

  11. it,s the second cumming of the christlord, eh? i will not buy.. not for a fortnite, to the very least…what have i heard? rambunctious,everso sloppy semi chords that these staple fellows feed us… show me a fruitful chord resolution… I dare all of you to do so

  12. Ha ha, I swear my neighbours pants exploded when I just dropped those nlog filtered funkbox beats, going to loop it back from LoopyHD and bung it through my Dark Energy – noise complaints, pffft

  13. i think this would be great if it came usable out the box. if it was a standalone app that let you route audio thru it great but its not that simple. apps need the audiobus feature re written into them. i can definitely see this as becoming “industry standard” for tablet in the future but until then this is a niche product, which has me a bit disapointed. i opened my app store and not a single one of my apps updated yesterday with audiobus compatibility, apps like reactable, node beat, tenori on, jasuto.

  14. Watching the video….thought the music sounded very familiar. Going to Youtube, I discovered….”Music by Rheyne” As far as I know he hasn’t used Audiobus…yet!

  15. Honestly, this looks really great. Still not an iDevice user, but would love to see this ported to, and gain traction on OSX, as it’s a truly brilliant concept. Admittedly, I know that OSX has Soundflower, but that interface is gorgeous.

  16. Hopefully ALL developers will jump on the bandwagon and adopt this app…..because so far IOS is very limited as a real musical experience…..
    Ps.Garageband and Nanostudio would be gr8 😉

  17. Korg is on the bus! All apps updated to included Audiobus and background audio. Virual midi also added on all except for lkaossilator.

  18. For anyone interested, it is possible to view audiobus apps that are in progress. Here they are:

    BeatMaker 2
    Cloud DJ
    MIDI Control
    Meteor Multitrack Recorder
    Musix Pro
    NodeBeat HD
    Peter Vogel CMI Pro
    SunrizerXS synth

  19. Droneo is no longer in progress, it is ON the bus. I’m looking to update the more interesting apps I have in the store, and some you haven’t really seen as well.

  20. 3 new apps registered with audiobus recently (ie. presumably now in progress)

    DJ Mixer Pro
    Molten Drum Machine

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