Save Moogfest!

AC Entertainment, the producers of Moogfest 2010-2012, have announced that the festival was being renamed the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, coming to Asheville, NC in 2013.

According to AC Entertainment, Moog Music declined to relicense the Moogfest name to the company. “We received a letter from them following this year’s festival, so we have no choice really but to re-name it,” AC Entertainment CEO Ashley Capps said.

Details are sketchy at this point – but we’d like to see somebody put the Moog firmly back into Moogfest.

via Marc Doty

15 thoughts on “Save Moogfest!

  1. The connection to Moog seemed to be the key reason to have it in Asheville. Nothing against Asheville, but if there’s no connection to Moog, they might as well hold it in some place more populated.

      1. Except they were charging $5 per beer (or was it more, can’t recall) _AFTER_ you paid some lame fee for the privilege to even approach the beer vendors. A total ripoff.

        Happy I got to see Orbital, though 🙂

  2. I knew something was up when after entering their Circuitbending contest, they never even contacted us about sending us our free T-shirt for entering. Sucks royal! Good riddance if they refuse to get their shit together!

  3. So, what is Moog Music’s position on this? Moog is arguably the reason for this cool event, in a beautiful part of the country. What’s the backstory?

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