Retronyms Tabletop 2.0 For iPad Adds MIDI Support, Timeline Editing & More

retronyms-tabletop-2Today, Retronyms released a major update to Tabletop for iPad – its virtual music studio.

The free update to Tabletop adds some major new features, including a Timeline Editor, MIDI support, and Session Sharing. Retronyms also announced that Akai’s iMPC will work inside Tabletop as the first Tabletop-Ready App.

Here are the details:

Timeline Editor

The new Timeline Editor is designed to provide a fast and powerful method for creating and editing notes, using multi-touch gestures:

  • Cut, copy, paste, duplicate, and create notes.
  • Correct note timing with Fix to Grid.
  • Edit note length and velocity.
  • Undo any changes and edits with Tabletop’s History Menu.

MIDI Controller Support

Users can control Tabletop devices with hardware MIDI controllers. Connect with USB using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit and use Tabletop’s “MIDI Learn” feature to map controls and set up MIDI devices:

  • Features Core MIDI Support.
  • Works with any MIDI-compatible hardware.
  • Control Tabletop’s keyboards, drum pads, knobs, faders, and other parameters.
  • Customize control mapping with Midi Learn mode.
  • Connect multiple devices.

Share Sessions

With session sharing, Tabletop users can now share complete song projects on CloudSeeder, the in-app community built on SoundCloud. After a user uploads a track, another can download, remix, and post it back to the community. All the song’s “building blocks” are included in the shared session – from synth presets to custom samples to sequencing data.

Tabletop-Ready Apps

Tabletop Ready Apps are stand-alone apps that work in the Tabletop app. When users purchase a Tabletop-Ready App, a free version is automatically unlocked inside Tabletop. Users can place apps from top music brands in their Tabletop sessions, seamlessly integrating with the dozens of devices already available.

Two Tabletop-Ready Apps are soon to be released, including the iMPC from Akai Professional.

Tabletop is a free download from the App Store.  More information is available at the Retronyms site.

24 thoughts on “Retronyms Tabletop 2.0 For iPad Adds MIDI Support, Timeline Editing & More

    1. Some people hate the in-app purchase model – but it’s nice to be able to try the app out and see if you like it before you spend anything. This at least lets you try out the basic functionality and see if you like it.

      Tabletop has been regularly updating Tabletop, which is nice to see, and the MIDI support is a great update.

    2. Do you own any plugins? While not exactly “in-app” these were extra purchases that you chose to add to your system to increase its functionality. Most major audio production apps (osx/windows) come with a basic set of features and require you to shell out for more. Only in those casses you’re looking at $100s or more in add-ons to a program that most likely cost upwards of $500 in the first place. Not to mention that each version release usually costs much more than buying all of Tabletop AND a handfull of other “expensive” apps. While I’m not that enthusiastic about the pricing for some of the add-ons in Tabletop (in the ios world $3 per effect seems a bit steep and $10 for a 4ch mixer just so I can have fx sends didn’t impress me either). I don’t see any reason that a developer should give me everything they ever do from now on for free just because I bought something from them last year.

  1. I am liking it. At least these in-app purchases are something you could use, unlike those in-app “coin” purchases so you have more abilities in a game.

    Retronyms is improving upon a good product, they are showing commitment quite the opposite of many of these app developers. That piano role sequence editing was sorely lacking, and they DID live up to their stellar email replies in implementing this function. The environment is quite cool, logical…it’s like having a little playroom for synthfreaks. Too bad the synth selection is kinda uninspiring though. I am sure they will get around to more goodies soon!

    1. The one in-app purchase I was offended by was MIDI on Animoog.

      It’s a great way to do things like new sample libraries in iMaschine or devices in Tabletop.

      If Retronyms adds Audiobus to Tabletop, that will open up a lot of interesting new options.

  2. The MIDI support and the time line editor make this a MUCH better app. Sharing sessions is going to open up a world of creativity. It’s becoming more and more difficult to poo-poo this platform for serious audio work and collaboration.

    Just add a dash of Audiobus support and we’re GOOD!

  3. Yeah, I’ll add that the midi learn function kicks! As straight forward as they come. Here here for Audiobus support please!

      1. Zymos

        FYI – The Audiobus developers have said that they’ve received requests from more than 500 developers interested in adding Audiobus to their apps.

        At this point, the Audiobus guys are working with only a few developers at a time, to ensure that the platform scales up smoothly.

      1. Yeah I’m using it on an iPad and I’m sure it runs a little better on the newer hardware, but it works fine. Can’t wait to try out some of the new stuff. I like the idea of the apps that work inside it — stuff like the Korg synth emulators would be awesome in here — but I wonder how many developers are gonna go for that. Seems like Audiobus support is a better thing to push for with all the early support it’s getting.

  4. it’s awesome on my iPad 3 though
    and finally a piano roll editor
    … bought iMPC today in my lunchbreak and can’t wait to get home jamming

  5. I download the free app and use a lot, remember me the old times real step sequencer with cables and so on… now, are my first and favorite central of creation on my new ipad mini retina! and I buy the full bundle, really nice and sound very good.

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