AC-7 Core HD iPad DAW Control App Now Available

ac-7-core-pro-midi-controller Saitara Software has released AC-7 Core HD  – a new version of the company’s DAW controller for iPad.

According to the developer, “No longer does it feel like a software emulation of a hardware device, it’s now a real, practical alternative to expensive hardware controllers.

The AC-7 Core HD takes full advantage of the power of newer iOS 6 iPad models, and is designed with controls large enough to be comfortably used on the iPad Mini.

For users of the first generation iPad, the original “AC-7 Core” app is still available.

Key Features:

  • Wireless MIDI connections can be handled in-app, so there’s no need to go into your computer settings each time you use it.
  • An optional Latency Reduction setting keeps network latency as low as possible and reduces the likelihood of dropped connections.
  • Knobs, faders, buttons and meters react smoothly, quickly and realistically… no matter how heavy the MIDI workload.
  • The advanced control buttons visible in the app can be customised by simply scrolling button sets left and right. Of course your settings will be remembered for future use.

There are custom button layouts for:

  • Apple’s Logic Pro
  • ProTools
  • MOTU’s Digital Performer (version 7 or newer)
  • Cubase / Nuendo
  • Cakewalk Sonar
  • Cockos Reaper
  • Ableton Live
  • Reason
  • Sony Vegas
  • Presonus StudioOne
  • Adobe Audition
  • Mackie Tracktion
  • Final Cut Pro (versions prior to Final Cut Pro X)

Any software with support for the “MCU” or “HUI” protocols should work, too.

Note: It was not possible for the developer to offer the iOS6 version as a free update to owners of the original AC-7 Core app, because a large part of their user base is using the first generation iPad (which can’t be upgraded to iOS6), and could lose the ability to run the app if they e.g. updated through iTunes.

The developer is offering the new version for $2.99 for the first month after release to enable existing users to upgrade cheaply.

25 thoughts on “AC-7 Core HD iPad DAW Control App Now Available

  1. OK, so I bought this less than one month ago, was underwhelmed by its performance, reliability and feel, and now that I was thinking of discarding it a new version appears with this funny “you have to pay again this month because most of my users are old users anyway”. Well, cheap it is, but I think I’ll pass, thank you.

  2. Yeah, don’t understand the reasoning behind this paid update either… Just because it’s not going to work on iPad 1, we have pay again?!

  3. Yes, and don’t miss the part thas says “you better upgrade this month or else you’ll pay full price with the rest of the suckers”

  4. This could have easily been an “in-app upgrade” for current users. This is not the first time these guys have pulled this crap. You want my business,? Honor the early adopters who helped you get here. I’ll move on to another developer before I support these tactics!

  5. This is probably just like this developer’s last couple releases: An updated GUI with the same bug-ridden code underneath. That’s exactly what he did with AC-7 Core; it had all the same issues as AC-7 Pro. I’m sure AC-7 Core HD is no different.

  6. Lots of fair comments I guess. As the developer all I can say is would you prefer the alternative?
    i.e.people who bought the app for their first gen iPads suddenly can’t use the app they paid for anymore??
    This is very small niche market so no-one is getting rich from making apps like these… except perhaps those who charge a fortune for them. I hope most developers do it for the satisfaction of making something truly useful. Is it wrong to ask customers to pay to upgrade to a better version? Maybe.
    Is there an alternative way which would keep everyone happy and stop bitching? No.
    Believe me, i’ve had complaints for offering discounts to try to ease the transition… “How come new users get it for the same price as us original users” Blah Blah Blah…
    If Apple provided a way to target existing customers for free upgrades to the new version, I’d do it in a flash. But they don’t.
    All I get are 50 free review codes.
    Those codes will go to existing users who get in touch with me asking for them, the same as I have always done.
    There’s really not much else I can do.
    Bu t I realize asking 3 bucks for a MCU is a shockingly large amount of money, so… y’know… whatever.

      1. Not to disagree with anyone, but I personally came from an era where u paid $999-1500 for a daw controller. I’m all smiles @ paying 3 bucks for ANY App or upgrade that nicely controls my daw. C’mon we’re spending that 4 morning coffee.

  7. Saitara, as I said before this is not a matter of money, but rather of attitude towards customers. Your “stop bitching” comment above is just another little proof of what I mean. Hixonia said this pretty clear, an in app purchase for a symbolic price would have been fair. Or you could have lowered the price for some time before the new release. Unaware of this inminent release I bought your product less than one month ago, and now you graciously give me just one month more to decide whether I want to keep on supporting YOU or find another developer more deserving of those 3 bucks you despise. About iPad 1 users, I guess that by now they have realized that they should check compatibility before buying or upgrading any app, so your explanation does not really cut it. Anyway, you show too much disrespect for your users, and respect is what I am talking about. Have a nice day.

  8. I’ve downloaded and tested this new HD App with Reaper and also with RME TotalMix Fx … Well … It works perfectly on my iPad3 !!
    Congratulations !!
    i just have a problem with the jogg wheel on reaper, I’ll try to make it work later on…

    1. Hello. I noticed in your comment you have the AC-7 HD running with Reaper and say it is working great. I too have the app with Reaper and i can’t get it to play. The light and the screen is saying it is playing but it is not moving. Everything else seems to be working but it won’t play. any ideas? I am running Reaper on a PC with XP. any help would be great.

  9. Dev here again, I see this is still continuing.
    I’d better clear up a few things…

    In-app purchase? Wouldn’t work.
    Why? The iPad 1 wouldn’t run the iOS6 app so couldn’t get to any in-app purchase. Wait, my head hurts… what was the idea again?

    Not the money, it’s the principle!
    Yup, me too! I could have avoided all this abuse by just sitting on my arse doing nothing for the last 6 months. Instead I’ve been working to make this the best I possibly could.
    And it’s only offered as an option. I’m not demanding that anyone buy the thing.

    Only you can decide if it’s worth your money or not.
    Oh, and to help you decide 😉

  10. This app looks solid, and generally seems to work, but it has issues and needs more support from the developer.

    I’ve sent multiple emails about issues with this new app. So far I’ve gotten no response at all. I also checked the forums for support to no avail. Even the most basic of questions haven’t been answered on the site. There are a few issues such as record buttons in the app not matching what’s happening in the DAW. The pan pots turn way too slow to make any good automation movements in real time too. I’m still clueless as to how to assign Function Keys, what shift actually accomplishes, what motors means, how to control plug-ins, and what some other buttons do exactly…

    The documentation is also non-existent on this particular HD app. This app isn’t announced on his page and not one demo video or PDF exists to explain all the function buttons or settings 🙁 There is no help forum for it either and the other help forums are sadly pretty barren of support. There are unanswered questions from 2011 on there…

    The price is right IMO and most of the app seems to function well. For $3, even if you already own it, it’s a crazy deal for a control surface!

    If there were better documentation , a few tweaks/fixes, and better support it would be worth it. Hopefully he puts more time into this aspect of the app because it’s very promising and CLOSE to what I need.

  11. Firstly Saitara VERY cool app congrats! $3 is chump change for anyone. In regards to how long you should support a certain version of your software, like with Reaper for instance, how long you will support a certain version should be clearly explained and laid out up front. I was under the impression and it may have even eluded to it , that Reaper once purchased would be upgraded for eternity for free. I purchased Reaper @ 6 / 7 years ago and for a few years was able to get all the “updates” for free. I admit I was pissed to find out a few years later that if I wanted to continue to “upgrade” I would have to buy a new license. Well I just decided to use the old versions of Reaper and it continued to work just fine for my needs..all the new bells and whistles were after all…just bells and whistles..
    You should take a good look at their page ( link below) and include similar text explaining your ethics and business model. Down in the left hand corner in the business model and what you get are both things you should try and include someway on your site and at iTunes.

    I know we are only talking $3 here but you are dealing with humans and we are strange little creatures …. Note the little caveat Reaper offers in the ( discounted upgrade ) you might want to implement something like this.

    It is interesting how we can easily wrap around our head of paying for, using up and wearing out a physical thing like a car, the latest hardware or a hamburger but when we delve into software it is supposed to just keep evolving into next years model or tomorrows sandwich for free for eternity. Look at the Apple clever ……darn ios6 will not work on iPad1 how special….Folks it’s business and for business’s to survive and thrive just like all of us it takes money as a motivator.

    To be honest I am just deciding which daw software controller I want to use and AC-7 is at the top of the list. Your efforts to try and explain yourself here, though unappreciated by some here, say to me that you do care about your reputation and are trying to find some common ground where both sides come out OK. Keep up the good work and congrats on being a very innovative developer and making such a cool tool for the audio recording software industry.

  12. Hi,
    Like I just said above, I bought this Fantastic App, for the price, it’s a Gift !!!
    I also use Reaper Daw, and even with the adviced add for best midi functionnality I could not get the Jogg wheel to work properly.
    When I turn the wheel, it only moves some times and only by small increments…
    I am working with a Win7 64bits Laptop and the last version of reaper. as there is no forum to report questions and as the Dev comes here some times… i wonder if this has been tested or reported ?
    Philippe from France (sorry for my poor English)

  13. To the developer – Sorry to say that most of your users that take the time to post sound like a bunch of spoilt brats! As for the “it’s not the money it’s the principal” argument, in what world do they live where principals pay the bills? Congrats on a great product, I’m sure any bugs will be dealt with in time, and thanks for the time you spent on improvements. I have the older version and V control and this is a substantial upgrade on the earlier version.

  14. Well regardless of the previous complaints (yes I had the old version also, no I’m not crying about this paid update because it’s well worth the money) This version seems to work very well with Studio one v2. very nice app. thanks! (easily worth the $2.99 and I’m sure worth what they will charge full price)

  15. $3!!!! The principle!! However could I be expected to pay such an outrageous price for all of your hours of work!
    I’m taking my grande mocha latte and moving to another app thank you very much…
    /moronic sarcasm

  16. I really dont know what not to like about this app, well besides the fact that it doesnt work with Logic X, the website has been down for going on 2 years even though they still sell it on the app store and there is zero customer support, none whats so ever, who doesnt love a developer that just takes the customers money and pretty much says thanks sucker, and btw, there hasnt been an update of any kind since the launch in 2012. why wouldnt anyone want to buy an app thats been abandoned, instead of downloading the free Logic Remote app that works seamlessly with Logic X? Yes, this was a good app 2 years ago back when I was on Logic 9, but at this point the developer should be kicked off the app store if he cant even maintain keeping the website up and offering some kind of support.

  17. Well, I just bought the AC-7 Core HD because I have a lot of projects on Audition 3 – and still love that program. For what I want to do (automated mixes and also running the machine from another room) it’s pretty good. Just a bit of playing revealed that in Audition you can add markers in the multitrack timeline and a double-tap will take you to that marker. The automation recording works well, and really I can’t fault it. As an alternative to buying a control surface, and for playbacks during location recording sessions where I might want to tweak the odd thing or go back to the beginning of something, it’s pretty sweet. I did look at the AC-X but decided I didn’t like the cluttered interface and to be honest, if I was doing that much stuff, I’d either use the pc / mouse, or bite the bullet and get a hardware controller with motorized faders. This one is pretty good and a lot cheaper, and it seems rock-solid in operation / connection. For the benefit of other Audition users, you don’t get the track level-meters, which is a bit of a shame, but I can definitely see a place for this app where I want to do an automated mixdown and manipulate more than one fader at once, so it should speed up my workflow a bit.

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