Bitwig Studio Controlled By Maschine (Teaser)

Bitwig released this teaser video today, demonstrating NI Maschine being used to control Bitwig Studio.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Bitwig Studio’s open controller scripting API allows you to hack your own functionality for any MIDI controller. Here is a short video showing step sequencing note input into a Bitwig Studio MIDI clip using NI’s Maschine hardware as a controller.

Official release date and pricing info for Bitwig Studio are still to come.

14 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio Controlled By Maschine (Teaser)

  1. hard to argue ability over availability – not to mention a price to consider.
    you can only boil water for so long, then all you have is….. vapor. confucius say.

  2. Just speculation on my part here, but could it be that Bitwig is feeling the heat from the upcoming Live 9 & the Push controller ?

    It kinda strikes me as odd to use the Maschine out of all controllers for this. Because when it comes to workflow then Maschine sits on the very edge between DAW – standalone. There are many users out there which, thanks to native VST support in the Maschine software, use Maschine “out of the box” and who don’t require any DAW environment what so ever. Not even to make their lead or ‘instrument’ sounds.

    Another aspect is that its also kinda odd. I mean; of course Maschine can control Bitwig. Maschine can also simply control Live (even without Live loading any support for Maschine what so ever). The Maschine controller (option to switch between “Maschine mode” and “controller mode”) simply is that extensive.

    And that raises another question: Which part of what we saw here was provided by Bitwig and which part by Maschine?

    Please note that I’m not insinuating as if Bitwig isn’t up to the challenge or anything. I’m merely questioning their choice to use Maschine, because of the extensive environment and support that comes along with it. This blurring the gap between “Bitwig features” and “Maschine features”.

    1. You can’t currently use the Maschine controller in Live in the same way that is being used in this video (maybe if you add M4L). It offers full transport control and in-depth integration with knobs, pads, etc, but no step sequencer.

      1. Well, this video only showed it working great as a step sequencer, no real in-depth integration (or anything but pads).

        Then again, I really only use my Maschine in Maschine (which is sometimes in Ableton), so I’m not saying the controller works great inside Ableton in it’s controller-mode (although there is an great amount of templates to choose from to improve the out of the box controller-mode).

  3. “There are many users out there which, thanks to native VST support in the Maschine software, use Maschine “out of the box” and who don’t require any DAW environment what so ever”
    Me for example, but I don’t even use VSTs, I use it mainly to record and sequence some hardware and mangle my samples…

  4. Let Bitwig leave the labs. It wont be perfect, but it may work for some of us. I still have Claes in my mind as he left his VST-Sampler Short Circuit for free but buggy (Transient/Attack).

  5. just as a note to the above, step sequencing in live can easily be done with free remote scripts. not 100% about machine, but i’ve used the scripts with APC40, LPD8, padKontrol, even MPD32 (step location is displayed on the S1-S8 led buttons on top, little impractical, but works)

  6. I feel that Bitwig has missed it’s launch window, and it’s only chance at big success now is to quickly add something wildly amazing and sell the whole thing for about $300. And even then it would be a slug match. It looks like great software, but I’m not sure how it distinguishes itself at this point. Ableton is getting a 2 or 3 months of great sales on Live 9 (free upgrade to purchases now) and has some impressive features and hardware, all available really soon. The addition of Max in the Live Suite is a hit too. So the value of Live just went up as the cost went down. Too easy for existing users to update, and really attractive to stragglers from other DAWs. Not sure what Bitwig is going to compete with at this point other than price. If Apple releases a significant Logic X in the next few months it only gets uglier because that will pull in upgrades or push more people toward Ableton (depending upon what Logic X ends up really being!).

  7. I’m sorta getting pissed at Bitwig now for this long drawn out tease… like everyone has mentioned, Live 9 is for sale NOW and at a pretty low price for upgrades (IMO should be even cheaper for what we’re getting though). I’m not totally convinced that Live has enough new features that its worth the upgrade. I can do without the fluff (the huge sound library, Max and PUSH I wont use, dont want or need), some slight workflow changes are welcomed, but the same old instruments etc…nothing groundbreaking. So I’m hanging on a bit longer to see if BW finally gets its head outta the arse and at least fills us in on pricing and release date. BW has a slight edge on the features IMO.. if their instruments are killer and unique enough, its a no brainer… but if they delay another 6 months or never release, well, its gonna cost me an extra $100. or more, simply for their lack of consideration.. they must know that everyone is hanging on, waiting… this is why I’m getting pissed. It really makes me wonder why they’re missing out on the holidays sellathon… I mean, seams like bad business to me, but hey, if it aint ready it aint ready, I can appreciate that. I can wait a ‘BIT longer.. but come on already, give us some pricing and release information so we can make informed decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!

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