The Clipper Ableton Live Guitar Controller

If you’ve ever wanted to control Ableton Live with a psychedelic keytar MIDI controller thing, then you’ll want to check out the Starr Labs Clipper – one of their line of custom MIDI controllers.

The video demonstrates the Clipper being used to control an Ableton Live session.

The Clipper

The Clipper is described as ‘a Clip-based Live Interactive Performance Controller’.Β It features a full-color LED MIDI fingerboard controller.

A RGB LED is placed under each touch-sensitive key and can be lit interactively from an external computer or from the fingerbord itself via velocity or other MIDI messages. This allows for Ableton Live session control, animations, text, images, zones, and more.

See the Starr Labs site for details.

12 thoughts on “The Clipper Ableton Live Guitar Controller

    1. You realize the laptop is infinitely more powerful than any other instrument right? A laptop is EVERY instrument – including ones that don’t even exist yet.

  1. laptops have neither more nor less feeling nor power than any other instrument. its the human interaction that matters. and if this thing is put in the right hands, it could be an amazing live tool.

    there are so many “amazing” midi controllers that are never used to their imagined potential. its up to us to make them amazing

    1. So true. This could be a fantastic instrument!
      Too bad they chose in this vid to demo features without much musicianship. Or an attractive setting. Nice bed sheet πŸ˜‰

  2. oh great, hardware/software flame war. Would it be possible to include Mac/Windows and digital/analogue as well to get it over with.

    But wow, this seems really great. Think about a DJ sitting behind his laptop versus shredding away with this one! I wonder what it costs…

    1. Roughly 2300 for the ztar and 700 for the led upgrade. 3k total. I really want one but the price is prohibitive. Plus the used market is pretty cold, all options on eBay are buy now instead of auctions.

  3. This doesn’t look user friendly at all to me.
    Look how he is constantly holding the neck with his right hand so it doesn’t fall down.
    And the video was cut when he was “simply setting it up in ableton”. Makes me think it took a while to get it to work.
    Overall not a good first impression.

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