Dark Energy I vs Dark Energy II, Mano a Mano

This video, via AudioCentralMagazine, offers a quick comparison between the Doepfer Dark Energy Mk I (CEM-based, just lopass w. lin fm) and the Dark Energy Mk II (state variable filter, discrete circuit, etc.).

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Our conclusion? We may need both….

Technical Details:

Both machines are sequenced with the same CV/Gate control from a Dark Time step sequencer.

The Mk I is panned more on Left audio channel; Mk II is more on Right audio channel.

8 thoughts on “Dark Energy I vs Dark Energy II, Mano a Mano

  1. it is completly irrevelant to compare these machines using the same settings.
    The enveloppe depth and speed/level doesn’t match.
    It’s like comparing on synth with VCF fully open and the other with VCF half closed.

    1. Actually, a test like this tells you exactly how they sound different!

      They’re very different synth designs, so trying to get them to sound exactly same would be sort of pointless.

      This favors the MK1, though, since the MK2 can do things the original can’t do.

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