UVI Vintage Legends Recreates 6 Classic Synths

vintage-synth-legendsUVI today introduced Vintage Legends – a software synth bundle, for Mac & PC, that features virtual recreations of 6 iconic  synths.

Here’s what they have to say about Vintage Legends:

Take 6 iconic vintage synthesizers, carefully restore them, create a massive array of presets and deeply multi-sample them, professionally process and master the sounds, infuse them into the industry proven UVI Engine – giving you endless sound shaping options, then wrap the results in immaculately prepared GUIs and you’ve got UVI Vintage Legends.

The bundle includes virtual takes on these synths:

  • Yamaha CS-70M, CS-40M and CS-20M
  • Italian Elka Synthex
  • Rhodes Chroma
  • Yamaha DX1
  • DK Synergy
  • K250

Here’s a video intro to Vintage Legends:


Here are audio demos:

Vintage Legends is available now for $299. The synths are also available individually.

7 thoughts on “UVI Vintage Legends Recreates 6 Classic Synths

  1. $300 seems quite reasonable for a suite like this. I’m curious about the depth of programming detail, though. I doubt that there is a whole DX1 in there, down to the last algorithm, for instance. That may not matter to anyone but the more severe purists, as long as its malleable enough. Getting a Synthex and Chroma in any form is a good eyebrow-raiser. I just wish people’s demos would present more than buzzy dance drivel. Were all other forms of electronic music banished while I slept? Dance has a lot of energy, but too little passion for me. I want to hear a synth’s breadth, not more dubcrap that reminds me of car commercials.

  2. I agree, doing these dubstep-like demos is a trend that should stop. It’s pandering.

    I still think that UVI create beautiful instruments with meticulously crafted, gorgeous UI’s, but they’re horribly overpriced for what they are: essentially tweakable sample libraries. And in some cases, very niche products like the 80’s EMU stuff (both were $200!).

    That said, I’m definitely interested. But if it’s really $300 I’ll have to pass.

    1. UVI’s GUIs are the most friendly and organic to use, hands down. Most softsynths are far too blocky, but with UVI, the workflow is very similar to the feel of a hardware synth. I also think $300 is a rational price when separately, these are $99. People pay $150-200 for single synths. If you want to go vintage/boutique, this isn’t a bad way to do it.

  3. proper audio demos of each synth and someone going around SHOWING how they operate to some degree in a video would help sell the idea…dance dub/shed tracks are not selling it. as i want to write music with them.

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