The Farfisa Soundmaker

Here’s a loving look at the Farfisa Soundmaker – an analog string synthesizer and monophonic synth from 1979.

The string section has a classic 70’s string synth sound. The monophonic synth has presets for orchestral sounds like clarinet, flute & tuba, and you can also tweak your own sounds.

Farfisa Soundmaker Resources:

6 thoughts on “The Farfisa Soundmaker

  1. Very Jean Michel Jarre sounding! (And a bit Vangelis like too) Has it been passed through an Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser, or is the phaser / pitch shifter built in? An absolute jewel. I saw years ago videos of the Farfisa Polychrome and was captivated especially by the string and choir sounds! This Soundmaker also sounds really Classic Vintage . It would be great to have the 2 side by side – Polychrome and Soundmaker together…. Very complementary to each other perhaps! How much would these go for! And how does it compare to one of the nicest looking string machines of all time (in my opinion): the Yamaha SS30? This is very JMJ sounding! Wonderful…

  2. I wish I was magically whisked away to the mid sixties or so with a huge bankroll. I would spend the next 30 years building a synth cave that would mess with most peoples minds.

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