The Story Of The Google Doodle, aka The MiniGoog

In May of 2012, Google turned its homepage over to Moog, creating a playable ‘MiniGoog‘ synthesizer. The synth “Doodle” was used by over 300 million users.

Acknowledging this, Moog, as part of their 3rd Annual Circuit Bending Contest , held during the Moogfest music event, called for enthusiasts and benders to create a sampler and use the Google Moog Doodle as the basis for it’s sounds.

This mini-documentary tells the story of the Google Doodle, how it was used in the Circuit Bending Contest and how the interaction between the two companies highlights the role of technology in music.

3 thoughts on “The Story Of The Google Doodle, aka The MiniGoog

  1. I still think that this is all about another “Moog hype”. They are a good company, but they are not Gods as they want us to believe through all that propaganda with Bob Moog’s “Legacy”, the iconic Minimoog and the ultra expensive / high quality / vintage profile.

    I still can’t understand all that buzz around that Google Doodle…There are sites like “” that offer the flexibility of a whole online electronic studio and they are much older than this anniversary doodle…with lots of devices and much more potential…

  2. Google Doodle was cool because, undoubtedly, that was the first exposure for thousands of people to a synthesizer. Obviously, there are better instruments out there, but google popularized it and made it accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t be aware of the fun and thrill of synthesis.

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