Free App, Sound Wand MIDI, Turns Movements Into Music

Developer Club 15CC has released a new free iOS app, Sound Wand MIDI, that translates your movements into MIDI notes.

Sound Wand MIDI reads your movements with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer and translates them into musical actions. It lets you ‘pluck’ invisible strings in the air, while controlling additional parameters with your movements via MIDI CC messages.


  • Musical Scales
    • Blues
    • Oriental
    • Bebop
    • Major/Minor
    • Pentatonics
    • Chromatic
    • Spanish Flamenco
    • Hawaiian
    • Jazz Modes
    • Indian Raag
    • Arpeggios
    • Special scales that for centuries have been used for specific moods and times of day
  • Velocity sensitive note control
  • High performance, low latency, even through Wi-Fi
  • Fully configurable. Set MIDI channel, note ranges, CC values, motion ranges, left/right-handed orientation and more
  • EZ Learn for CC configuration, motion setup
  • CoreMIDI out lets you control other music apps

Sound Wand MIDI is currently a free download in the App Store.

Note: Two versions of Sound Wand are available. Sound Wand Harp, which includes a built-in synth; and Sound Wand MIDI, which is MIDI only.

10 thoughts on “Free App, Sound Wand MIDI, Turns Movements Into Music

  1. ok, you guys should really change the video on here, as the app demonstrated in the video is for regular Sound Wand app which has built-in sounds and costs $3. this version here is MIDI ONLY.
    if you want the version with built-in sounds you have to get the other app

    1. Hank

      I added a note to clarify that. They’ve got a video that is specific to the MIDI version, but this one does a better job of demonstrating how this works as a gestural controller.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. The other question this raises is how the MIDI version handles things like tuning tables (if those exotic scales aren’t just equal temperament versions of them). Still seems like a worthwhile freebie to play with, especially if the MIDI version can send it’s MIDI to another running app.

  3. It’s fun to play. Takes a bit to get used too, but it does some interesting things when you patch it thru MidiBridge and use it to control iOS synths running on the same device or send your signal to a MidiMobilizer and use it to play/control external synths. I’ve been using it to play a DSI Mopho Desktop. Great fun.

  4. Looks interesting. I’ve been using a Wii remote and Max to generate MIDI, but this looks like a great option for those who don’t want to enter Max hell (seriously guys, it gets pretty f***ed up in there!)

    I’ll gladly give it a try, and it it works well I might buy the version with built in sounds

  5. We have different holidays. We had not oportunity to get it free. Could you extend this offer time for a few days more for our country?
    Thank you for you sure reply.

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