DJ Shadow’s All Basses Covered Set – Too ‘Futuristic’ For Miami

DJ Shadow has released his set that was ‘too futuristic’ for Miami – the set that infamously got him kicked off the decks.

Shadow (Josh Davis) was headlining Dec 14th at the Mansion, when he was asked to step down from the decks in the middle of his set. According to reports, the promoter said his set was “Too Futuristic”. The club has since apologized for the decision.

DJ Shadow was unapologetic, saying “I don’t care if I get kicked out of every rich kid club on the planet. I will never sacrifice my integrity as a DJ…ever”.

via disquiet

24 thoughts on “DJ Shadow’s All Basses Covered Set – Too ‘Futuristic’ For Miami

  1. I was at the NY show a week before this one and there wasn’t anything “Future” about it. There were a lot of Drum n Bass, Miami style Bass (ironic) and breakbeats. His set came out fresh. It wasn’t the more popular music from Endtroducing. It’s a shame because I thought it was one of his better sets in the last 10 years. It was Shadow in the raw! He’s always welcome in NY 🙂

  2. F#$%s! We don’t have many DJs like Shadow on the planet and they kicked him out of their f^&*g club like he was another random guy…

  3. I listened to three minutes and heard “nigger” twice. Maybe that’s why he got kicked off? People dont want to hear that shit.

  4. Dude was right, he can hold a stick to Flying Lotus. He had one good album,all the rest is garbage.hang it up Shadow..

  5. flying lotus is garbage

    that broken beat shit needs to die immediately

    this shadow set sucks balls too… too bad it aint the 90s no more

  6. Haha first off, shadow is a turntabilist with a base in hip hop. He isn’t a “dance music” dj. Second, he has more talent in his nose hair than 99% of the DJs out now. When I saw him and Cut Chemist spin 45s on 8 turntables is one of the most insane sets ive ever seen. If you never saw it, GO LOOK IT UP! Anyone who says that isn’t talent, doesn’t belong in this debate. Flying lotus? Haha thats the dude with the laptop right? haha he probably wouldnt even know how to turn a 1200 on let alone spin records haha! Shadows talent and individual style in music is what sets him apart from the mainstream DJs out now. I personally am not a huge fan of all of his music but I am blown away by his skills.

    1. @DTW so…you are not a huge fan of his music but you are blown away by his skills.
      What really matters ???? music or mixing skills ??? when I go to a club, i don’t go to the circus. If the music doesn’t please me I don’t care if the DJ can mix 20 records in 1 minute…..

  7. I could listen to this all day but if you’re looking to dance this may not be the ticket.
    I think it’s good as hell though.

  8. @cola I said I wasn’t a fan of all of his music. the fact you call it a circus is prety closed minded. im going to assume you know absolutely nothing about Shadow. you probably dont understand anything outside of the jersey shore and top 40 radio… but anyway… The Great thing about a shadow show is the he doesn’t spend all night on one genre of music. And yes, I will go to see a show because of its production value. i appreciate visuals along with audio, the two usually go hand in hand. I’m not a fan of a lot of music but I will go to almost any show just to check it out. But that’s jus me I guess 🙂

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  11. He should change his name to DJ integrity. I understand what the club owner did. People go to clubs in South Beach to get drunk, get laid and to DANCE. If he has such integrity, why did he take the job? Also, aren’t DJs supposed to know the crowd, change and adapt? DJ Shutup should know none of the shit he plays is dancable. Its not a concert. Its a club. The guys a tool and I never understood his popularity. Endtroducing is way overblown, in fact its downright boring. Suck it DJ Shadow (gay name.)

    1. Yes a good dj will change adapt to the crowd & atmosphere, but a tour such as “all basses covered” is a very experienced and skilled dj, playing an obviously planned set, to share a certain sound with his fans. Perhaps he could’ve not taken the job, but the pay check probably made it worth his time at least. I question why the promoters booked him given their type of clientele. If you knowing about production or even just turntablism, you have to admire DJ Shadows work, regardless ow whether you like his music. I don’t listen to much of is stuff these days, but will leap at the chance to see him live. I really enjoy seeing a DJ live to find out either what tracks have influenced them, or what sound they are pushing currently. Not just to hear their classics really loud; I can do that at home.

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