Steve Reich Interview – On Rhythm & Minimalism

Steve Reich is featured in this interview from The Music Show on ABC Radio National. 

Rech has, throughout his career, bounced back and forth between electroacoustic work and music for non-traditional ensembles of traditional instruments.


Steve Reich turned his back on Serialism back in the late 60s. He’d heard John Coltrane’s free jazz and following a trip to Ghana in the early 70s he decided rhythm was more important than melody. So Minimalism was born in uptown New York. Reich is in Australia talking to loads of fans and listening to his seminal works Drumming, Clapping Music, Different Trains and Vermont Counterpoint which are being performed in Sydney and Melbourne.

Interview by Andrew Ford for The Music Show.

4 thoughts on “Steve Reich Interview – On Rhythm & Minimalism

  1. Great interview!

    Reich was a big influence on Eno, Mike Oldfield, TD & others. Glad to see he’s still going strong!

  2. Among the best interviews I have seen of Reich over the 30 years I have been following his music. One is listed here but there are 3 in the series. All are interesting.

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