67 thoughts on “What Should Moog’s Next Synth Be?

  1. Something like the Schmidt analog synth – a multi-oscillator, highly patchable, super-synth that can be patched internally and externally via many, many Audio, CV and gate I/Os. A semi-modular, polyphonic, monster synth. Not sure if such a beast is possible as analog circuitry hardware but, I would love to see it.

  2. Anything that isn’t a gild plated or re-coloured version of an old product. If Arturia can build an affordable monosynth so can Moog

    1. I’d bet that’s because they want to keep they employees working. if the factory was moved to china i believe they could low the prices even more.

  3. BTW, calling these “Photoshop” synths is a misnomer. They should be called 3D Modeling Software synths since it takes a 3D animation/rendering app and some considerable skill to create photo-real imagery like this.

    1. Photoshop is capable of working with 3d. And long before it had this option, anyone with an art background and some skill can easily reproduce stuff like in the Moog screenshot. I think the use of a 3d app can probally make it a lot faster…

    2. as a 3d professional, I hear ya… actually most electronic product images in commercials, etc are 3d renders. people just don’t realize it. In terms of PS working with 3d… not really. you can import an .obj and paint it. That’s like saying Premiere is an audio app, because you can load audio.

      1. Also as a 3d, 2d, video professional… Ive seen it all before… The only difference from this being a 2d generated image or 3d is the time… I dont see one aspect in this particular image that couldnt easily be done in photoshop. Its all about layers and knowledge of how to use them. 3D doesnt mean 3D object. Photoshop can move and manipulate a layer so it is in correct perspective. Make a circle, angle it, use a gradient layer to make the top appear like brushed metal ala moog knobs. then you tilt it to fit the right perspective. tweak it … copy and paste it… etc etc….. When there are multiple renders… then its a dead giveaway it was probally done in 3D.

        Regardless its a nice image of a synth I would love to see Moog produce. I just hope the price is something for the masses to afford

      2. Not (always) true. I’ve worked in Adobe Illustrator since 1988. I am regularly asked to create 3D looking photorealistic product images. Yes, in vector. I have several friends who are digital retouchers that can do things with Photoshop that appear to have been done in 3D apps. It comes down to talent, technique and patience. As for the above Moog, I could recreate that in Illustrator perfectly. It’s when you get into the 3/4 views that the 3D artists are going to have a more realistic rendering.

    1. That is very difficult to do with analog circuitry. One path one key pressed! Make any sense? I hope it isn’t confusing.

  4. I’d like to see a monophonic hardware version of the Animoog, with MOOG analog filter and vca… sort of a hybrid like synth. but please make it available in a 1U rack module as well … thank you.

    1. I am also hoping for something like this. Animoog on iOS served as a software prototype and was well received – a hardware pendant would be a reasonable next step 🙂

  5. I’d like something polyphonic. But, given Moogs price range, almost no one would buy it. I think it’s more likely that they’ll introduce something like a Minitaur keyboard, perhaps with an extended octave-range.

  6. I hope they make something that can at least make the cool dubstep sounds the Minitaur can! After i saw that product demo, i knew why i wanted one!

    In all seriousness, since this CV control stuff is coming back, i think a CV Controller is in order with Midi capabilities. I mean if you aren’t buying that red AKAI Midi controller your modern CV keyboard options are limited… I know moog doesn’t make controllers but i think it would be a good companion to their products if they are going to make analog CV synth modules.

  7. cheap polymoog, or 61 key keyboard controller with engine of Little phatty and Minotuar that does earth shattering bass, and leads, with all connectivity you could want, CV and usb, totally compatible with anything and ability to polychain other modules Or something like a tetra module 4 voice poly with 4 outputs, or 4 x mono….or all of them….and make it AFFORDABLE, not just for middle class kids with quiffs and rich dads…..

  8. I’d like to see something with a filter somewhere between the minimoog and prodigy with a true one knob per function interface monosynth with sub bass (like the prodigy) and many performance options like the Little Phatty. I know that this is most probably what they will not produce but I would kill to be able to make my Little Phatty scream like my prodigy did back in the day. But thats just my nostalgia kicking in.

  9. I wish a synthesizer manufacturer would create a hardware expandable modular system which was, in reality, simply an interface to a software modular system. Korg’s Legacy MS-20 was a step in the right direction, but it was not expandable in any sense. There was no way to build on it. But the idea was right and it works fine. the little MS-20 clone is really nothing but a midi controller that looks and works just like the original MS-20 hardware synthesizer. But its functions were all produced in software. This kind of technology would give a huge number of musicians the ability to build custom modular synthesizers -even very large and complex ones- at a shockingly low price.

    1. Map a MIDI controller to reaktor. Start with RUHR?

      No reason you couldn’t use a patch grid matrix some of the best modulars do.

      Plus they added OSC, so that gives even more options.

  10. Voyager XL desktop + a minitaur hacked in somehow! A bundled code for animoog to control it. Give it 10 or so poly aftertouch pads. More expressive than keys. Leave them off along with the ribbon and xy pad. That should help keep the price reasonable.

  11. Whatever they make they need to finally include a freaking Noise generator. There is NOOOOOO reason for the LP no have it. And don’t get me started on what the MiniTaur is missing.

    1. The LP does have a noise generator, though it’s not labelled on the control panel. Check out the manny. HINT: Oscillator 2

      1. True, the LFO does have a noise feature but it still isn’t a true noise generator as I understand it. I’m happy to be wrong if it does proper noise. I keep wanting to like the LP but every time I’ve played with one it has left me unimpressed. And I say this as a guy who’s first synth was an MG-1 which I recently had refurbed and use all of the time. Love my Moog, would like a more modern one.

      2. there’s so much hidden on the lp. you basically have to jack it up to the computer to access it. very annoying. I’d rather they squeezed in a few more knobs than make me have to remember how to turn latch off and on

  12. a polyphonic analog synth with no menus a lot of knobs and faders with mini mini keys (of the likes of korg)
    and analog sequencer built in .

  13. I would like to see an affordable new Slim Phatty / Little Phatty III with Minitaur’s filter, improved VCOs, a second LFO and a noise source. Just that for around 900 euros for the Slim version, could be an instant hit!!!

  14. People are too blinded by the Moog cachet at times. What we “want” isn’t always practical or profitable. Yes, Moog could aim for their own MiniBrute and find a popular price point, which might be the most wise, since they sell several great modules. That seems like the best step up for them, IMO. I doubt anyone would argue against how popular a MoogBrute could be, usable pushing both Moog and other synths like a Doepfer.
    I’d like to see a new MemoryMoog, but hell, I already have two workstations and the superior plug MiniMonsta is available for a mere $149. It would take something pretty ground-breaking to make a new MemoryMoog stand out like the first one did. If it was pure analog, it would have a really steep price. I don’t think polyphony is part of Moog’s bag. Bob was always Mr. Analog, which is a solo voice, no matter how tricked out. Aside from a few nice gems like a JP-8, polyphony is more of a computer’s game. That’s how you get good pianos and evolving pads. So pick a decent poly voice and then a decent mono voice for modular effects and soloing. A Voyager or Phatty look properly at home perched above a Nord piano or a Motif.

  15. If it’s not polyphonic, I don’t think I’m all that interested. I’ve got enough stuff already.

    Granted, I might still be interested in an affordable three-oscillator monosynth.

  16. Moog will NEVER make another poly synth.Polymoog,as cool as it is,almost cost the company the farm back in the seventies.It required HUNDREDS of revisions.If you think Moog is going to risk the entire company, designing and manufacturing a polyphonic synth in this economy,you are deluded.

    So there!!!!!

    1. General Motors will NEVER make another diesel car. The Oldsmobile diesel,as cool as it is,almost cost the company the farm back in the seventies.It required HUNDREDS of revisions.If you think GM is going to risk the entire company, designing and manufacturing a diesel car in this economy,you are deluded.

      So there!!!!!

      1. Obviously,you’re too neurologically bankrupt to have noticed that I made a self mocking reference after my rant.Your pathetic ,juvenile attempt at sarcasm was laughable,except without the humour.I would have welcomed an intelligent response,but you have proven yourself rather incapable of such things.Maybe you should do some research before you say such preposterous tripe.

  17. I think moog’s next should be like the on in the picture but with grand piano keys instead of the plastic keyboard keys and be polyhonic. It should also be affordable and let you download vt to it and play the, on it.

  18. If its gonna be like the Arturia Minibrute, I don’t know why that would be a good idea… It would be a similar synth under a new name… Why not something new that nobody else has made?

    No more clones!

    1. i absolutely agree, I’m tired of seeing almost the same synth in a new casing. there’s so much rehash out there. which is fine for the lower end of the market. but the mid range market of the LP etc could really do with some variation.

  19. I’d like to see an updated Prodigy. Knob per function! Sort of a stop between the Minitaur and the Phatty. Ok. So I’m saying a Moog Minibrute. (with at least 2 VCOs)

  20. Look at the moog website: there’s an introduction movie of a new synth. Looks like it could be a 2 vco type synth to me…

  21. moogerfooger drum modules, with back-end software sequencer interface like the MIDI murf. Put three in an all in one rack, and for half the price of the Tempest, you get an intuitive, better sounding analog drum system thats programmable

  22. Moog should make furniture! Honestly! Their woodworking skills are very good. As for products, there is not much they CAN do. You see, once you are stuck in the oscillator, filter, vca, etc.. camp all you can do is move the parts around. The recipe: Add a pinch of oscillators, add a dash analog circuits, put in the obligatory Moog ladder filter, and walla! a new Moog rolls off the assembly line. The REASON every Moog SOUNDS like a Moog is that essentially it is the SAME thing. Just variations on the theme, less or more of the same stuff to create less or more variation on a theme. Modular synthesis like the euro rack are where it is at since they do not have to conform to rules. You can add modules that bit reduce, distort, multiply, etc… it does not matter if the module is analog / digital or hybrid to get the job done. Much more exciting possibilities. Unless Moog wants to try its hand at trying others analog ideas such as those from Buchla then they will always make products just like the Moog you may already own.

    I would like a Moog table please! With cool curves!

  23. Would like a new version or a developement of a Memorymoog, even with more voices from 6 to 8, polyphonic would be fine as they didn’t made for long, but sure the price would probably frighten a lot. Or a Polyphonic Voyager why not? with option for 2, 4, 6 voices or more and a gradual budget, something like the production from Studio electronics, practical rack mounted. A dream?

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