SynthX 2.0 Adds iPad Guitar Support, Dual-Oscillator Synth Model


Way Out Ware’s Jim Heintz has released a new version of SynthX, his software synth for iPad.

New in SynthX 2.0:

  • Added support for the Ion All-Star Guitar.
  • Added new scale and guitar tuning editors.
  • Added the new “Solus” 2 oscillator per voice analog synth model. Optimizations and bug fixes.

SynthX is $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used SynthX, let us know what you think of it.

19 thoughts on “SynthX 2.0 Adds iPad Guitar Support, Dual-Oscillator Synth Model

  1. yeah, this app came up recently, we thought the dev had bailed.

    so very pleased he’s still in the game.

    the 2-osc thing is a very welcome addition.

    i recall that it had some issues with not playing well with other apps (they would crash or not work properly after synth x was opened), hopefully that will no longer be the issue.

  2. I think SynthX is my iPad secret-weapon synth, so I’m almost reluctant to encourage everyone to start using it! I was impressed to see Jim Heinz demo SynthX on youtube, and then I was lucky enough to meet him in person! However, it took me a while to get into SynthX because of the unusual retro-tastic user interface, the single-ish oscillator architecture (although you can mix multiple waveforms and also do pwm, thank goodness) and also because it kept dropping samples in 6-voice mode on my iPad 1. But once I got beyond those issues, it has been a consistent favorite, probably because of its nice sound and responsive, flexible multi-touch interface with polyphonic modulation. I think I bought it for $10, so $5 is a deal! šŸ˜‰

    One of my favorite things that SynthX is great for is playing true unisons – multiple instances of the same note starting either at the same time or at different times, with slightly differing and dynamically varying modulation. Another fun thing to do is two-person jams with one person on a MIDI keyboard and the other on the iPad.

    Definitely looking forward to the update, assuming it works OK on the iPad 1! (I also believe this should be eminently possible based on my own experience doing computer music and DSP programming – not to mention what Reason 1.0 could do on my ancient Macs) I’d also like to see it play nicely with others and support audiobus.

  3. I picked this up today. It sounds really good but it does not recognize my midi keyboard or toy midi guitar. I use a rock band midi guitar to mess around with animoog, nlog, Magellan,etc. It actually works surprisingly well and does not even require a powered hub but I cannot get it working in synthx for some reason.

    1. I restarted it and the guitar and now it is working…sort of. in keyboard patches it works just like it does with other synths, no hammer on or pulloffs. But in the special guitar mode, I fret the guitar but I need to strum strum the strings on the pad. this must be set up specifically for the ion guitar because my midi guitar sends different pitches than standard tuning but the exciting thing is it recognizes hammer ons and pulloffs! I will have to try and find the ion midi map and see if I can use midi bridge to change the map of my guitar.

  4. Hi I just wanted to add to the conversation. I already owned the Synthx app and thought it was quite cool and was really excited when I was given an ion All Star Guitar. I started it up and it was so strange because the frets would light up but no sound would happen when I touched the strings (in xy mode) I emailed Jim and we went back and forth during the course of the day yesterday probably 5 times. He was so helpful in trying to help me figure out why it wouldn’t work. Since no matter what I tried it still wouldn’t respond, he actually gave me his phone number and after a few minutes of tweaking and restarting and changing the midi in. whala it now works. It’s crazy. This is someone who really cares about his work and his product and music. He mentioned that I found some sort of bug and that was great so that he can take care of it when the next update comes out. And believe me he has PLANS people. So this app is very relevant and is only going to get better. I thought I had a defective guitar or worse ipad lol and Jim was able in a matter of minutes to get to the root of the problem. OVER the phone…Just thought I would tell you all.. because honestly that is the best app support I ever got or probably ever will get!! This app is worth it for 10 dollars so if it’s still on sale for half it’s truly a gift!!

  5. how did you get in touch with Mr. Heinz? I have tried multiple times to no avail!!! My ION All-Star guitar does not see any input from the fretboardā€¦ driving me nuts, what were the solutions you found? thanks!

  6. “how did you get in touch with Mr. Heinz? I have tried multiple times to no avail!!! ”

    Good question, and best of luck getting in contact with this jerk. I needed re-authorization help for a soft synth of his when I got a new computer, and he never answered my e-mails or replied to my support requests on the Way Out Ware support page.

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