Rode Intros iXY Stereo Microphone For iPhone, iPad


RØDE has announced the iXY, a stereo microphone for iPhone and iPad with 30-pin connector. It’s designed to allow high quality recording at sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz.

The mic is intended for recording live music, meetings, lectures, reporting, dictation and sound design, and also is ideal for use on-camera as a dual-system recorder for DSLR.

At the heart of the iXY is a matched pair of ½” cardioid condenser capsules, fixed in a 90 degree ‘near-coincident’ alignment. A foam windshield is provided for outdoor recordings, as well as a zip pocket for storate.

“The audio quality of the iXY is breathtaking,” says RØDE founder Peter Freedman.

The RØDE iXY is expected to ship this month, priced at about $200. See the iXY site for more info.

14 thoughts on “Rode Intros iXY Stereo Microphone For iPhone, iPad

  1. I was going to buy Blue Mikey Digital before Apple changed the connector. Now I feel like I have to wait until somebody solves this issue. I can’t picture a simple lightning-to-30pin adapter that wouldn’t be unacceptably flimsy. I can imagine iOS devices that have integrated adapters that would allow for a sturdy connection to both lightning and 30pin. Until I can be sure that the accessories I buy for my current phone will also work with my next phone, I’m out of the market.

    I imagine some people at Rode were furious when the iPhone 5 came out.

  2. Having the 30 pin connector on the mic, rather than a cheap cable, is a design fail.

    If you spend 200 on a mic you should be able to use it for 10 years, even if connectors change.

      1. Correction : A PLANNED design fail of epic proportions.

        I am so happy that I never bought any 30 pins accessories for my ipad. It was obvious that Apple would make it obsolete soon enough, just like they decided the 2 years old ipad1 is not good enough for anyone anymore.

          1. How short is your memory? Who did first claim the 30 pin connector is a “design fail of epic proportions” ? I thought these were your exact word…clearly…

            Oh you mean you were sarcastic? Oh then that changes everything and its cool for Apple to force all its users to buy the same accessories again when they upgrade.

            … clearly

  3. I have to say the biggest issue to me isn’t the connector issue. I buy gear for what I am using it for. so If I buy something for I pad I want the best connector. but the larger issue is file structure and lack of sd support on iPad is super lame. I love my ipad but I’m not recording files I will have to transfer later I would much rather use my android phone for that as it uses sd cards I can just pop into my computer and a file structure that makes more sense as well. that being said I think I prefer the zoom h4n for this sort of thing. but this is pretty nice.

  4. Many Apps with Dropbox, iCloud, HTTP and FTP interfaces, email attachments, iTunes, direct document access… Don’t fret over what you can’t do 😉

    I’m using Fire 2.

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