Way Out Ware’s Synth X On Ion All Star Guitar

Here’s an informal demo video, via programmer Jim Heintz, showing his SynthX 2 being used with the Ion AllStar Guitar MIDI controller.

With SynthX being used in this mode, you can change tunings and string assignment to increase its flexibility. 

Note: SynthX is compatible with the iPad 1, but working with the Ion controller requires iPad 2 or better.

5 thoughts on “Way Out Ware’s Synth X On Ion All Star Guitar

    1. Other midi apps trigger note events when you press the fret buttons. SynthX guitar mode plays like a real guitar and requires you to strum or pluck the strings. As a result, SynthX guitar mode is almost immediately playable for people that know how to play guitar. Combined with the new “Solus”, 2 oscillator synth, SynthX2.0 is pretty fun to play and hear.

  1. Very classy. This sounded a bit like David Torn. I have my reservations, but this makes a nice addition to my view that the guitar is the best suited for multi-axis synth playing in real-time. Programming for string triggering is a hefty task compared with doing so for a keyboard, but the added emotiveness is obvious.

  2. doesn’t work at all with iPad, and numerous attempts to contact customer support at wayoutware went unanswered.

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