Ableton Live 9 Sneak Preview – Getting Creative With The New Features

In this video, Ableton Live guru Tom Cosm takes a look at the new core features of the upcoming Ableton Live 9, focusing on ways to use them creatively.

Topics covered include:

  • Session View Automation
  • Audio to MIDI
  • Automation curves
  • Max for Live devices

Check it out and let us know what you think!

18 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9 Sneak Preview – Getting Creative With The New Features

  1. The new additions are quite nice. Has anyone else noticed the increased quality of 9 versus 8?

    Now, another aspect that’s really weird is the sound quality difference of 9 on mac and w7. I bootcamp my mac to use windows vsts and have noticed a remarkable sound difference between the two platforms. The mac version sound wider and brighter while the windows version sounds like live 8.

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          1. We definitely don’t want to make you, or anybody else, ‘look like a dick’!

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    1. This makes no sense. That’s like saying – “I purchased a bigger engine for my 2010 sports coupe. How come I don’t get the 2013 model for free?”

  2. Does he ever mention the lack of plugin delay compensation? I may be using the wrong term but it’s my understanding that latency inducing plugins still have issues when automated, unlike other full-fledged daws. This is a deal-breaker for me personally and hope they fix it soon.

  3. Live 9 looks like the update I wanted years ago, but that was years ago…

    The upgrade pricing is a bit high as well if you don’t own the suite.

  4. I’m pretty sure the update price is going to change once it’s actually released, they said something about it when they first announced live9 and people freaked at the prices.

    I’m just waiting to see the upgrade price but I’m pretty sure I will upgrade, 9 is really nice.

    1. No doubt. I plan on upgrading either way, as Live is such an integral part of my setup.

      The audio to midi and new automation features made me smile…. I’ve wanted that for a long time.

  5. I bought Live 8 in December, to get in on the free Live 9 deal. I was going to just get the regular version, as I’m not all that impressed with the instruments in Suite and already have go-to plug ins, but throwing in Max for Live made it totally worth buying the full deal to me. Four weeks in and I’m wondering why I stuck with Logic so long.

  6. thats a good point when you put in the car sense my thing was just like well ive been support of the software and buy there products for a better one and to get discount or hooked up to some degree not saying ableton doesnt take care of their customers

    1. Yeah but when’s Live 9 coming?! I’m starting to get a vapor ware feel about it. Ableton has my money, but so far I don’t really have what I invested in. The end of 2013 1st quarter is rapidly approaching.

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