PPG WaveMapper First Look With Wolfgang Palm

Synth designer Wolfgang Palm shared this intro video for PPG WaveMapper, his latest synth for iOS. In the video, above, Palm demonstrates playing and tweaking sounds in WaveMapper.

In his second video, Palm takes a more in-depth look at the WaveMapper interface and the synth’s capabilities:

In the final video, Palm continues his show and tell of WaveMapper:

PPG WaveMapper is the second iOS based synth from Wolfgang Palm, who in 2012 released PPG WaveGenerator. It introduces his new approach to synthesis, wave mapping.

See our post on the PPG WaveMapper announcement for specs.

PPG WaveMapper is expected to be available in early February, price at $19.99.

15 thoughts on “PPG WaveMapper First Look With Wolfgang Palm

  1. It looks like a version of my favorite software synth Plex. I see what looks like icons for the high and low frequency content of various sounds and instruments and those are being moved around to other slots. In Plex you were able to run the harmonic contend of a cymbal through the envelope of a trumpet for example. Some crazy sounds to be had.

    Looking forward to this one very much.

  2. Nice to see synth designers looking to the future instead of the past. Personally, I’ve had it with retro recreations and ports of old hardware. The architecture of those devices was constrained by physical limitations which no longer apply.

    Go Wolfgang!

  3. Hi
    Pricing was announced on launch day and is on the specs page, $19.99.

    We should have it on the App Store by Feb 1st.

  4. this is really exciting.. and I think any app is destined to do well that lets us take our favourite sound sources and manipulate them in really interesting ways- everyone using the app will get unique things out of it

  5. Developers need to do a better job with these demos. This might be a cool synth, but demos like this are so musically uninspiring I lose all interest.

  6. Wow, will be getting this as soon as it’s out. I’d like to see icon position modulation! Sure I could send MIDI to play the notes and use my fingers…. đŸ™‚

    I hope it sees some nice integration with WaveGenerator too. Transferring sounds back and forth as wavetables and so on. We could make a sound in WaveMapper, send the wavetable to WaveGenerator, which we could then edit the path of and sample back into WaveMapper!

    And if we had a multi timbral mode in WaveGenerator we could make drum loops to record into WaveMapper. đŸ™‚

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