Livid Base MIDI Controller Looks Sexy (NAMM Leak)


2013 NAMM Show: The NAMM leaks, or at least unofficial introductions, are starting to crop up everywhere. Here’s a intriguing photo of a new MIDI controller, the Livid Base.

Official specs are to come – but the Livid Base appears to offer an 8-column matrix of multi-color buttons for Ableton Live, along with 8 channels of LED touch faders, along with some master controls.

We’ll have details as they become available.

14 thoughts on “Livid Base MIDI Controller Looks Sexy (NAMM Leak)

      1. I was not saying it looks Push-ish, what I was saying is this controller looks super rad, like all of Livid’s controllers. I wish I could justify buying one (I have too many midi controllers.) The problem I have with it compared to the Push is: I highly doubt this comes even close to the feature set of Push is supposed to have at launch. That being said if your not an Ableton user this looks awesome for what ever it is you do. Push has the dedication where Livid Instruments has the open-ness to do what you want it to (with some exception)
        I will be using Lemur, Launchpad (user mode 2), APC40 and my key controllers until I can replace my APC40 with Push…

  1. I really hope this isn’t another QuNeo, I can’t stand having “buttons” that don’t have tactile response. It’s the same problem I have with the iPad. In the end I’d rather have my limited launchpad because I know where every pad is and don’t have to stare at the thing to know if something actually triggered. 🙁

  2. Its great to have options. Each controller you compare this with will be different in its own way and bring other more specific qualities to the table. So more options are great because there will be less chance of settling for one controller that has other features (and extra cost) you may not necessarily need.

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